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Zeroing in on the perfect meeting solution

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With companies all set to attend this year’s big-ticket events, event and meeting managers are facing their biggest scheduling challenges. It is time to do away with the old and ring in a new meeting management solution. Here are a few things you must consider when it comes to selecting a meeting management solution for your company.

Your meeting management solution should have these features:

Send meeting reminders
Get reminders when it matters the most at events is a neat gift to receive at events.

Go mobile
With mobile apps you can check in to meetings and check in your meeting participants.

Automatic updates
Wouldn’t it be great to get your meetings updates without manual effort? All meeting-related data can be automatically updated to Outlook, GCal, iCal, Lotus Notes, in the correct time zones.

Reporting and analytics
You should be able to gauge the success of your meetings with after-meeting reports. You can send out the forms to meeting participants and get feedback.

Room utilization
Book, organize and get a comprehensive view of meeting room slots and the duration of each meeting during the course of the event.

Block time slots
You should be able to block time slots in an executive’s or a room’s calendar for all your meetings at the event.

Holistic meeting dashboard
View all your meeting information on a single page. Access event rooms, calendar, and executive availability among others on the dashboard.

Schedule meetings with walk-ins instantly
Scheduling meetings and tours for walk-ins is usually challenging at events. Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly schedule both tours and meetings with your walk-ins? Your solution should let you schedule time slots for taking your prospects for a tour of your booth as soon as they request meetings.

Integrate with your CRM platform
By integrating your CRM data with a solution such as Jifflenow, you can schedule meetings with customers, prospects and contacts on

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