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Will your content travel at NAB 2015?

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Your team and/or you have traveled to National Association of Broadcasters show (NAB 2015) in Las Vegas for your meetings. You’re armed with the latest company offerings for the meeting. But what are the chances that your content will go the distance? Sure, you’ve scheduled all your meetings with existing and potential customers. How are you making your meetings count?

These simple steps will ensure you get the most out of your meetings and ensure your sales content has maximum impact.

Generate leads with on-the-spot meetings

Studies show 60% of leads are generated from meetings at events. Even with a well-planned strategy, converting prospects to leads can be a wild goose chase. Reach more prospects by scheduling on-the-spot meetings with your prospects and executives.

Measure the metrics

In the digital world, where you can measure everything, it is important to know what you should be measuring from your meetings at events. Overcome this challenge by identifying what are the metrics you need to track and measure for the particular event.

Track conversations in real time

You need to know what your prospects are looking at and having conversations about, in real time. You also need to keep a track of meeting participant attendance at events.

Effective follow-up strategy

Following-up can be trying if you are still using traditional tools. You need to prioritize and feed event leads into your CRM platform. This will help you track where your event leads are in the business pipeline.

Several Fortune 1000 companies as well as small and medium businesses use Jifflenow for their scheduling needs:

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