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Why is Jifflenow Rated the Best Meeting Scheduling App for Events?

by Jagdish Upadhyay
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As the post covid era fast approaches and digital advertising and social media marketing continue to be over saturated, in-person and hybrid events which have a higher propensity to convert qualified leads into opportunities, are quickly returning as an essential part of a CMO’s arsenal to engage customers and accelerate revenue. The fact is, nearly 70% of marketing leaders surveyed by The CMO Club believe events are very or extremely significant in accelerating sales.

Customer Meetings Matter!

While events are rapidly returning in 2022, Meetings and sessions are two key objectives for event attendees whose business depends on learning about solutions to make critical business relationships and decisions. Whether they’re participating in-person or remotely, attendees want to understand the products or services, interact with experts, join tracks and sessions to learn the latest in the technology landscape.

The effectiveness of events as a marketing and sales channel is not up for question. But, what many have wondered, how do some marketers manage to produce better results at the same events? Research shows that over 80% of event marketers consider live engagement with qualified prospects and customers as the single most important KPI to measure the outcome and success of the events to drive business growth.  So how do companies differ in scheduling and managing attendee engagements? What tools and processes do they employ to get better results consistently?

Role of Jifflenow in Event Tech

High impact customer or prospect meetings require multiple experts or even executives. Jifflenow excels in simplifying the process of scheduling right meetings for the right opportunities with the right participants.

A successful engagement-centered event will generate a high volume and quality of pre-scheduled meetings, each of which must be managed and tracked to ensure better scheduling and attendee experience. If handled manually, setting up each of these could require an average of 14 calls or emails, which is clearly a cumbersome process. To streamline the management for hundreds of customer meetings  by sales teams or attendees themselves, Jifflenow offers a smart addition to your marketing tech stack. Over 60 Fortune 2000 companies have adopted it and have more than doubled their customer meetings at user conferences and trade shows. For instance, one of our customers that leveraged Jifflenow to optimize their return on investment for corporate events found that over a four year period, the company increased all live engagements by over 120% – resulting in an estimated $796 million impact on their pipeline.

Jifflenow significantly scales up scheduling capabilities by automating three manually intensive and error-prone tasks:

  • Pre-event meeting scheduling Sales users require easy access to event information, attendee details, ahead of time, to plan for customer meetings at the event. Jifflenow software enables the sales teams to simplify booking meetings with prospects and customers via its web app or mobile app or from the Salesforce native app. Jifflenow also enables attendees to request meetings directly by providing dedicated links which can be used in emails and web pages or embedded as iFrames in a host of other landing pages.. The platform offers a variety of configurable options to match unique workflows of its customer such as how the meetings should be processed, custom notifications and reminders to make the meeting successful.
  • Workflow management Customer environment and processes of enterprises require robust workflows to manage and scale to larger volume of interactions at events in different 1-to-1 and 1-to-many engagement type settings. There are also dependencies on meeting logistics, demo stations, hosts for demo and group tours. All these engagements require experts by topic and information about their availability at all times before and during the event.
  • Reporting and data visibility Data and visibility are key to success from any marketing program. It is no longer sufficient for CMOs and marketing leaders to get a partial view of the funnel just from a few big investments. Jifflenow automates creating on-demand or standard reports for customer engagements from all corporate and field event campaigns.  Sales can schedule meetings with customers from within Salesforce while capturing opportunity context. After the meeting, all customer engagement information can be synced with sales and marketing automation platforms for the follow up and next steps.

Customers give the highest rating to Jifflenow for scheduling meetings at events

Jifflenow software scored 99% in the most critical ‘meeting scheduling’ attribute and has a significantly higher rating compared to  all other products in Quality of Support, Ease of Use, Meeting Requirements, Ease of Doing Business, and Ease of Setup. All of these are highly desirable for companies that need to accelerate business growth from events.

(Source: G2)

Market Segment By other appointment scheduling providers 

Most software products are designed to support different market segments (company size or other firmographics) based on the business needs. The most demanding product and service capabilities are required by enterprises that are large and global.

Some of the new entrants in this space offer appointment scheduling capabilities with very limited workflows more suited for small and medium size businesses. There is significant upgrade required for those products to support the needs of enterprise use cases. 

 Jifflenow has been proven for companies that need scalability, configurability,  security, and world-class customer service. Jifflenow has powered thousands of events over the years worldwide and has scheduled millions of engagements for global customers.

Jifflenow is an enterprise-class solution with a proven to track record of delivering significant value:

  • Productivity – average of 40% in 1st year and over 200% increase in the number of live engagements
  • Standardization – Boost efficiency across internal teams and workflows
  • Data visibility – Insights and outcomes from all events in one glance
  • Increased ROI – Real impact on advancing sales and influenced revenue

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Jifflenow is the world’s most comprehensive meeting automation platform, helping global enterprises accelerate business growth by automating the scheduling, management, and analysis of B2B in-person and virtual meetings. Jifflenow has transformed customer meeting management from an offline workflow to an automated, streamlined and online process with measurable results and actionable insights.

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