Oscars are probably the world’s most glamorous and star-studded event. The classic elegance of the creative crowd, dreamy attires, inspirational speeches and solid performances makes the evening a magnificent spectacle. The immaculate arrangements make us wonder what goes behind the scenes that leave no room for even trivial errors. Event marketers who manage large B2B events every year can definitely take away some interesting learnings from the Academy Awards. In this article, we explore some wonderful correlation between how Oscars and B2B events are planned and managed. After all, it’s all about flawless event management!

1) Networking is the key

Going by the media coverage of the famous Oscar after parties thrown by Vanity Fair, Elton John Foundation and the Governor’s Ball, you can tell that the film fraternity definitely knows how to network in style. Networking opens up unknown avenues and helps you build a personal rapport. This is very crucial for event marketers and sales executives who constantly struggle to reduce their sales cycles. You might feel that working the day at your event booth is enough. It is not. Whenever there is a chance, look dapper, lift your spirits and be ready to network like a star.

2) Go Green

We waited 20 long years for Leonardo to win the Oscars. In these 20 years, global warming has transformed from theory to reality. Leo’s speech was alarming and inspiring at the same time. The race towards technological advancement needs to be backed by green initiatives, and no one can do this better than event marketers who back the large conferences. Reducing carbon footprint, using paperless technology and promoting climate change through the event platform is a pressing need and event marketers should proactively push for these initiatives. Remember, we just have one planet to survive on.

3) Build a strong media presence

Celebrities have never been coy about sharing their Oscar moments on social media. Like last year’s viral Ellen and the team selfie, this year Kate Winslet’s reaction to Leonardo’s win and Chris Rock’s ever trending monologue took the internet by storm. Every year hundreds of journalists and photographers flock to the large industry events. Event marketers must know how to communicate with this segment to establish their event presence. Social media has gone more visual than ever with products such as Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Vine and Facebook’s 360 videos. Make the most of out of these mediums by promoting your booths and products live from the events. When you have a strong social media presence, it’s easier to reach even the remotest of prospects.

4) Seize opportunities everywhere 

Thanks to Chris Rock’s brilliant idea, the Girl Scout cookies were a massive hit at the Oscars night. The stars responded with generosity and helped his daughter’s troop collect a whopping $65,000. Morgan Freeman sneaked in to get a grab of his share and that picture went viral. Chris definitely knew how to make hay while the sun shone. Events are a huge platform for Marketing and Sales to build a strong pipeline. While it’s easy to get buried under operational work, you shouldn’t forget to go out of your way to talk to prospects. You’ll be surprised how many ad hoc meetings you can set up this way.Opportunities come to those who go out looking for them. Make use of smart event technologies to do all the manual scheduling work while you hunt down opportunities to build higher event ROI.

5) Capitalize on the pre-event and post-event buzz

The race to Oscars starts well ahead of the awards evening. If you are a pop culture buff, you’ll be flooded with information on the nominated movies, marketing campaigns, audience polls, and much more from at least a month before. The post-event buzz lasts even longer. The millennial generation is intensely active online and therefore, event marketers should keep the post-event conversations going on different social media channels. Faster follow-ups help in reducing the otherwise long B2B sales cycles and therefore, can be crucial in turning in higher event ROI.

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