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Weighing up career options for B2B event professionals

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The events industry is always an exciting place to be. Bringing people together, creating spectacular experiences and building new businesses. Events are celebrated around the world and being in the midst of all of this is considered a privilege – so you’re on the right track.

Everyone wants their careers to grow and go places. In this blog, we’ll talk about possible career paths for event professionals.

Consider first: What skills do you have?

Event professionals possess multiple skills – creativity, program management, meeting deadlines, interpersonal skills for managing different kinds of people. They also work closely with Marketing and Sales. Having these valuable skills, and working closely with other functions puts you in a unique position, where you can branch out in multiple directions, based on what you want to do going ahead.

Let’s look at the some of the possible options:

Continue in the Events team.

If you are currently at  an entry-level position in the events team, you have a long ‘line of succession’ ahead for you. This also means you have a clear career path and you know who would make a good mentor to help you grow faster within the team.

It would make sense to express your desire to stay committed on that career path and rise up through the ranks as fast as you can. Show initiative by taking up more responsibility and have patience. You’ll be on your way up soon enough.

If you are not in a team like that, gain enough experience at your current job, and seek out other employment opportunities in places where the teams are bigger. Within the event business, there are many specializations as well  – event administrators, booth operations, vendor management,  and travel, F&B / hospitality management. Take your pick and run with it.

Corporate / Digital Marketing

Events are always integrated with the marketing efforts of a business. So event activities such as setting up stalls, stocking up brochures, organizing talks are tied in with marketing. This gives you an insider’s perspective on your company’s marketing, which is valuable.

If coming up with ways to showcase your products/services to potential customers sounds interesting to you, marketing would a great place for you. You could branch out into Event Marketing, where you’ll be in marketing with a focus on events. If you’d rather look at the larger picture, you can look at either Digital or Corporate Marketing.


As discussed above, you know your potential customers, and because you interact with them in close quarters. Events are ripe grounds for sales meetings, and really speed up the sales pipeline. You might have set up meetings between your sales teams and potential customers, and even overseen a couple product demos. Working in events sets you up for working in sales, but you’ll need a thorough knowledge of your company’s offerings, and know your customers. If you think you are good at persuasion, and can hit sales targets, Sales would be a good fit for you.

Venue Manager:

If you don’t want to work for a corporation, or if you love events too much to do anything else, you could be a venue manager. A venue manager takes care of a venue that businesses, conferences, and individuals rent out for their events. You would be responsible for the event’s logistics, and will be the go-to person for all venue-related queries. It is hard work, but hey, you get to feel like you threw a huge party!

Your own company!

We know this a pipe-dream for many reading this. Being the boss, running your own events machine, and bankrolling your employees. Sure, it sounds exciting, but you probably already know the challenges involved. You need the capital upfront, and you need your network. So this is all we have to say – if you have a reasonable shot at it, take it.

Events are not limited to just businesses. There are so many other industries (Weddings, Sports, Reality Shows) that have events, and your experience as someone who can look at the larger picture and execute on the ground level will always come in handy.

For further insights on B2B events and sales advancement, visit the Jifflenow blog.


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