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Webinar: Key marketing metrics you need to focus on

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Working with Event Managers has an effect on the way you think about marketing. All of our clients attend tradeshows and conferences all over the world and base the success of these campaigns on the ROI they generate. Consequently, event ROI is heavily dependant on how much event teams are able to achieve in terms of the number of meetings, deal size and other such metrics. In a recent webinar with LeadSquared, Rahul Thomas Mathew, Product Marketing Manager at Jifflenow, throws light on some of the key marketing metrics that marketers need to focus on and why these metrics are important to drive in favorable results.

Here are the slides that Rahul used for the webinar:


Metrics tell you what is working and what needs improvement. They are important in any business scenario and should be implemented to gauge the effectiveness of channels and brand messages.

We hope you found these insights useful. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. For more insight on B2B event marketing and corporate event planning, visit the Jifflenow blog.

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