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We Are The #Eventprofs

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We Are The Eventprofs

The perfect room just slipped away. The meeting that took several hours to schedule just got cancelled. The number of chairs out number the attendees. The calendar has more event dates scribbled on it than personal anniversaries, or birthdays.

The challenges event professionals face are myriad. But, you never fail to rise up to the challenge. You believe in delivering an experience. And, it’s this faith that keeps you from folding the cards. This video is a celebration of all the chaos, madness and euphoria in the world of #eventprofs.


The script for the video is below.

We are the #eventprofs

We plan events and meetings and then make them happen according to plan. We add color, chatter, and meaning to three dates on a calendar. Without us, it would just be a clueless crowd in a really large room.

Our lives are full of craftsmen, artists, dreamers, and doers. But most of all, our world is about our brand and the people that represent it. And this world never sleeps, never rests, never pauses for a break, not even for Christmas, or to ring in the New Year.

We sit in the midst of inspiring objects and often worry about every little detail. We do worry a lot. Did we get the best booth location? Did we rent too little meeting space? When will we become CMOs? Can we tear through the clutter and start all over again? Like that mythical bird. What was its name?

We tussle between unbridled creativity and terribly fettered business sense. Let’s churn those two and gulp the nectar. Let’s be calm and cavalier. Let’s ransack that empty room, till we make something beautiful and sensible. We are the ones that make booths come alive. Be it with a juggler or a subject matter expert, we make the by-walker stop in his tracks. Let’s make waves from here to Barcelona and fill up empty spaces with memories that linger forever.

Let’s paint events in a new hue. Let’s be the creators of meaningful conversations. The perpetrators of all tricks that get people to look up from their smartphones and say hello. Let’s grip firmly all the chains that hang before us, and tug at the inner workings till the raven and the writing desk become one. There is a wonderful future and we will be the pivots to its awakening.

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