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Using Meeting Scheduling Apps During Events

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Mobile apps are now a critical part of every event and trade show. In this blog we take a comprehensive look at how 1:1 meeting scheduling apps are defining the mobile aspect of B2B events.

There was a time when softwares like Microsoft Excel and Outlook were turnkey solutions for event planners. Although they are still utilized by many organizations, they are no longer considered cutting-edge event technology. Also, event marketers are now armed with tablets and smartphones, implying they want to be enabled to do a better job while on the move. That is why event apps and mobile apps of event management software are now very popular.

At conferences, pre-scheduling is a key part of the planning process – we pre-schedule meetings with customers, prospects, partners, media, analysts, or even VIP events like dinners, special sessions, and ancillary events. During the event, when all of these important events are happening, mobile apps can contribute towards keeping the well laid-out plans on track, capturing information and pushing reminders when necessary.

Here are some ways in which event and meeting scheduling apps make on-the-move event planners more ‘dynamic’.

Managing meeting schedules during events

For an event coordinator, managing meeting schedules can be a nightmare. Recent trends show that companies are scheduling more customer meetings at events. These meetings often include senior company executives and CXOs as well. A majority of these attendees are on the move at the event and largely rely on their smartphones to perform a lot of business related functions. Migrating to a smartphone app helps them keep track of meetings, minimizes time zone errors and prevents mishaps like no-shows and double bookings.

The app does the number-crunching for you

Meeting scheduling apps give marketers direct access to the analytics pertaining to the event like attendee statistics, no show rates, the number of scheduled, pending and completed meetings, takeaways, ROI stats etc., in real-time. Therefore, the impact and success of the event become a quantifiable variable that can be measured in extensive detail against the targeted goals. Furthermore, the mobile app also acts as a data capture method, where people can respond to new meeting requests, check themselves into meetings, capture notes and respond to surveys.

Seamless rescheduling and tracking

Real-time notifications and alerts are one of the most crucial benefits of a meeting management application. Earlier, the process of rescheduling or making last-minute changes were difficult for both organizers and attendees. Organizers had to call participants individually to communicate these changes and the latter were often unreachable. With the mobile app, all meeting participants can be automatically notified about meeting changes, cancellations, and new meeting requests.

And there’s more

Meeting Scheduling apps come with an array of features that enable attendees to connect better with the event. They provide most functionalities that mimic a desktop platform. Most event management apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms through the Apple iStore and the Google Play Store. With the app on their smartphones, attendees can synchronize their schedules with most calendar apps like GCal and iCal helping them manage their time more effectively. Customers can register, RSVP, check-in, retweet and respond to poll and survey questions while attending the event. Not only does this increase their active participation, but also adds to the overall social impression of the event, thereby making the event an interactive experience. Additionally, they can perform crucial functions like taking notes and schedule meetings with relevant parties through the mobile app on their smartphone.

Not only have meeting and event scheduling apps helped advance the event experience for attendees, they add a whole new dimension to data capture and analysis for event planners. Are you utilizing the mobile power of your event tech fully?


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