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How To Use Digital Marketing For Offline Meetings At Events

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Today’s event marketers are all about utilizing the power of digital marketing to improve event experiences and generate results. One of the key ways to get ROI from a B2B event is through face-to-face, closed door meetings with customers and prospects. Before joining Jifflenow, I attended trade shows for my previous employer; Cisco.  Building pipeline via sales meetings was a key objective.

Jifflenow Chronos offers a unique way for digital marketers to collaborate with event teams and drive more sales meetings at events and conferences. The power of Chronos lies in it’s simplicity and flexibility. Chronos is a customizable web form that a company can use to generate meeting requests from its target audience before and during an event. Our customers use Chronos, to create their custom meeting request form and then use the form’s hyperlink in all digital marketing communication related to the event.

Here are the top 3 bet places to use it (as selected by Jifflenow customers):

  • Sales managers can use the link to email prospects who haven’t confirmed their availability for a face-to-face meeting at the event. Prospects can immediately request a meeting time in a few clicks.
  • The Marketing communications team can use the Chronos link on their event blogs using a Call-To-Action (CTA) button.
  • Chronos can also be added to social media posts and shares as you promote your company’s presence at an event.  Event Marketers can leverage the power and simplicity of Chronos using a simple call to action like “click here to meet with us at the event”.

The customizable form

Because the form isn’t restricted to registered users of Jifflenow, it can be sent to anyone. Because of the flexibility and ease of use, your prospective customers can choose a specific contact / subject matter expert to talk to and Chronos displays their available time slot for a meeting. Use Chronos to pre-qualify your leads   by obtaining qualifying information and areas of interest areas ahead of time. This allows you make a more informed decision about approving their request for a meeting. Sales advancement becomes easier with Chronos.

Managing the inbound meeting requests:

The Jifflenow Meeting Manager is usually responsible for monitoring the meeting requests coming in from Chronos and can approve or rejects them based on their relevance. When a meeting is approved, it gets added to the list of pre-scheduled meetings within Jifflenow and meeting invites are auto-sent to all attendees (internal and external).

In our Annual Event Tech Trends report, we discovered quite a few similar interesting insights into how the B2B events industry is going to change in this coming year. For event marketers, it’s important to stay abreast of the technologies that can help generate higher event ROI and transform the processes of event management. Read on to know more. Get your free copy below.



Authored by:

Jifflenow Customer Success
Tameeka L. Gilchrist

Director of Customer Success, Jifflenow

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