Event marketers are always on the lookout for creative ways to market their company and make the most out of their marketing budgets. Meeting management at events is one of the key processes that takes up most of their time and efforts. Here’s the good news: the internet is flooded with amazing content on various topics on B2B event marketing and event meeting management. It’s worth every penny to surf through them and explore new creative ways in which B2B events can be managed.

In this post, we bring to you a list of great articles on event marketing that marketers can use for planning their upcoming events in 2016.

1)The Best Posts Of The Year on @EventMB

When an ace blogger and industry expert like Julius Solaris creates his list of best posts, we can definitely expect a great collection. The list includes a wide range of informative articles on event management best practices,post-event follow-ups and things to avoid for an event marketer. Grab that marker right away to pick your insights from this list.

2) The New Age of Event marketing

The onset of social networks and online conversations have changed the ways in which events were marketed a few years ago. The millennial generation has a different approach and a different set of targets while measuring success at events. This eBook explores how new age event marketing has evolved through the years and provides insights into increasing attendance and engagement before, during and after the event.

3. How Oracle Is Transforming OpenWorld

The article tracks the evolution of one of the largest B2B events from its traditional tech conference model launched 38 years ago. Event marketers will find it fascinating to know see technology has shaped and redefined the marketing space at these events. The author explores the highly creative branding efforts that keep emerging every year. Unlike other companies, it’s not all about Oracle. Their branding efforts are diversified and made doubly effective by using testimonials from partners and customers. This technique of crowdsourced brand building can be tremendously helpful in building credibility with your customers and prospects.

4. 5 Lessons Event Pros Can Learn From Retailers

CES 2016 served as a platform for many debutants showcasing their new approach in brand marketing. One such debut was the Retail Experience Centre by Microsoft which highlighted their retail marketing solutions to their partners. It was interesting to see how customers’ buying decisions could be influenced by creating such a hands-on experience with the products at an event.  Like Microsoft, there were few other brands at CES 2016 who emphasised on the ease of retail marketing using technology to gain popularity with their customers. This article walks you through how event profs can benefit from such initiatives.

5. How To Beat Your Competition In 5 Easy Steps

A simple yet noteworthy article for Event Marketers on how to stay ahead of your competition. The author talks about everything from finding inspiration to creating your own niche and explains how these simple methods can be used to notch up your event planning game. Why not use them as a checklist to ramp up your next event!

6. Too Many Event Apps? Time To Automate

The world’s going mobile faster than we can consume.The sole purpose of apps is to make life easier and not complicate it. This article talks about how event marketers can use app integration tools effectively to manage different aspects of their event planning. Integration of event planning apps can help marketers save a lot of time and enable them to focus on making meaningful conversations with clients. Read on to see how you can integrate all your event management operations under one roof.

At Jifflenow, we strive to bring to you well-researched articles on event meeting management, technology trends and sales advancement at events. Check out our blog here and watch this space for more interesting reads. Meanwhile, don’t miss our in-depth report on Event technology Trends for 2015.


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