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Top 2 Use Cases to Drive Better Outcomes from Virtual and Hybrid Events in 2021

by Neha Mallik
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A global crisis can either paralyze an industry or galvanize it to thrive. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s exactly what happened. Event professionals pivoted learning about virtual events and safety. They learned to navigate the crisis. It was an incredibly hard time but the events industry was resilient. Event teams alongwith their digital marketing counterparts are being more agile and coming up with innovative ways of engaging customers, partners, and prospects alike and keep important conversations going.

Two programs that have become popular in meeting these expectations are Sessions and Meet the Expert programs. Let’s dive into what these are:


Sessions are in vogue, especially in the virtual world for the ease of interactions they provide, while also providing flexibility and accommodating larger audiences.

Session series allows a business to invite targeted groups of customers, prospects, partners and others to manageable size forums. It allows participants to easily interact and share with the host and even each other. Enterprises are offering 100s or even 1000s of virtual sessions or webinars as a series over many weeks and even throughout the year. A single series may have multiple tracks covering different topics, products, by region, by industry and in different languages. 

The best way to engage more participants is to automate the registration and management of attendees into virtual or in-person sessions. The purpose for sessions can range widely such as information sharing, launches, training, executive roundtables, expert sessions, and much more. In-person sessions require planning venues and room capacity while virtual sessions offer more flexibility and support larger groups and support remote attendees. 

One of the biggest challenges in organizing sessions is the process of registering or nominating participants and sending confirmations and change notifications when managing 100s of seminars simultaneously. Jifflenow meeting automation platform and its inbound and outbound registration capability simplifies this and also provides for launching and management of a series of tracks and sessions throughout the year.

‘Meet The Expert’ Program

Meet the Expert (MTE) programs provide enterprise customers with the means to learn and understand details about products or services to make informed decisions throughout the year. While most companies have a pool of experts, available by region and topic to assist partners/customers, the process (largely manual) of scheduling appointments lacks efficiency and impacts the productivity of internal and external attendees.

Leading companies leverage a meeting automation platform that enables MTE for their key customers and partners by simplifying the whole process of scheduling meetings, and by generating more virtual or in-person meetings. They set up a program with a pool of experts to drive MTEs by region, by topic or product or service. These programs can be ongoing and refreshed with new experts, topics and meeting types. Sales teams can also nominate customers to Meet the Expert. By tracking the most effective experts or regions that have had the most impact on business, these programs can be optimized for maximum efficiency. Customers value the ability to reach out to experts directly and find answers which help in faster decision making, which in turn drives revenue opportunity.

Our experts are always available to explain how to drive marketing qualified meetings (MQMs) from your website visitors, ads, webinars, and email campaigns. Click the link to meet our expert to discover how you can shorten the sales cycle and drive meetings that generate more revenue pipeline.

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