2016 has been a pretty interesting year so far for the event technology industry. At Jifflenow, we diligently keep an eye on the recent trends that dominate this industry. Insights from our customers who are typically Fortune 1000 companies have helped us create some very interesting resources and a wide knowledge bank on event technologies, event ROI and meeting management solutions. Its interesting to see how Enterprise meeting management softwares are fast evolving each day to help these companies optimize their meetings at events much better. 1:1 meeting scheduling has become more streamlined and scalable for them.

Here we compile a list of the most popular 10 articles from the Jifflenow knowledge bank.

What The Event Industry Can Learn From The Rise Of Google

This article takes a detailed look at the evolution of online advertising with the rise of Google. It draws important insights for event marketers on how to rethink the impact of events and quantify their value. Google’s transformed the definition of online advertising success with adwords. It’s interesting how event technologies can help marketers redefine event ROI.


Rethinking Event ROI: The Sales Perspective Series – Part 1

Aaron Karpaty – Head of Sales at Jifflenow gives his personal observations from the 3 biggest events of 2016 so far (MWC, NRF, CES). He takes a different view of the Event ROI and explains it from a sales perspective. The first part throws light on how this year, events will focus more on lead generation rather just brand building. He also discusses how conferences and tradeshows can be used by sales teams to build a stronger pipeline and reduce their B2B sales cycles.


Top 3 Takeaways From MWC 2016 On B2B Event Management

The year 2016 started off with a bang. MWC 2016 saw numerous product launches, keynotes and amazing networking opportunities for both Marketing and Sales. Like every year, the Jifflenow team came back with some great takeaways on the future of technology and what it means for the future of event marketing. This blog lists the top 3 takeaways on event management from MWC.


The 8 Absolute Must-Haves To Become An Event Rock star

This blog brings to you some interesting insights from the Jifflenow Customer Success Team on what makes a rockstar event marketer. “It involves a good mix of self-driven personality traits, skills and help from the best technology solutions.” Read on for a list of top attributes that can add that extra edge to your event marketing skills.


Drive More Traffic To Your Booth By Scheduling More B2B Meetings At Events

Event technologies have changed the way B2B sales typically happened. They have reduced the sales cycles and helped marketing and sales teams to work closely to generate more leads.  As Gail Guzanski writes,“There is no single magic formula, but following certain best practices can get you off to a good start.” This article charts out these best practices. Pure gold for event marketers!


What Event Marketers Can Learn From Oscars 2016

Have you ever wondered how event marketers can learn from the Academy Awards? Oscars is perhaps the most glamorous event in the whole world. It’s impeccable management brings out some very important lessons for event marketers and planners. Check out this space for the top takeaways from this event.


Why We Need To Stop B2B Meeting Scheduling Using Outlook

With events becoming bigger by the day, managing them becomes a herculean task. Running meetings, attending to customers, reaching out to prospects, ensuring that all activities take place and many such operational activities isn’t easy when the event spans over multiple halls and buildings. The traditional method of using Outlook for scheduling all event meetings tend to be prone to error and cumbersome. This article explains why Outlooks may not be the best bet in meeting scheduling and sheds light on smarter event management solutions available in the market.


The Tough Life Of An Event Marketer

People usually have a perception that the world of event marketer is full of fun and frolic, but in contrast to this, event marketing and planning has been listed as the fifth most stressful job in the world. Learn about what makes it so exciting and challenging at the same time in this article.


7 Interactive Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your B2B Meetings At Events

Event marketing becomes increasingly tough when customers and prospects are swamped with meetings. Customers tend to have fleeting attention spans and it’s crucial to make the most of those few minutes. In this article, we explain the ways that event marketers should use to make the most out of their B2B events.


7 Event Meeting Management Mistakes That Push Customers Away At Events

In an event marketer’s life, the day of the event is perhaps one of the busiest. They are swamped with managing and executing every each activity flawlessly. As a result, they are hardly left with any time to focus on attracting people to their booths. This post talks about the most common mistakes that drive away customers and prospects from your event booths.


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