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Thanksgiving pointers you can apply to B2B meetings

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Thanksgiving dinners and hosting meetings at B2B events have more in common than you think. A lot of pre-planning, managing, and scheduling is required for both. But, what are the factors that make an event/dinner a success or a failure?

Here are five pointers to ensure you manage to secure more meetings, enable more meaningful sales conversations and as a result book more potential revenue at events.

1. The unexpected guest: We all have that one acquaintance who drops in unannounced. They may come alone or might even show up with company. As host, you can just almost be prepared for these visits. This holds true even in the realm of events. Always keep track of your meetings and use a scheduling software, which enables you to set up meetings for last minute walk-ins.

2. Is that a real turkey? When hosting a meeting or event you must ask yourself whether your solutions are relevant to your prospect / guests. Remember, people are showing up for the turkey. And, you must serve them the juiciest cut to pique their interest. Ensuring the agenda of the meeting is known to all parties and is especially beneficial for the prospects and customers.

3. The lonely dinner: A no-show is what we all dread. If we are not adept at getting the word around then chances are that it will be a dinner / meeting for one. So, to make sure that your prospects and guests come leverage your social media platforms. Start spreading the word.

4. The Vegan: There is always this one person who will have dietary restrictions or will not go for what is on the dinner menu. For a successful event we need to have customized sessions, which will help us cater to their specific needs. Customizing your meetings can go a long way in lending credence to your solutions.

5. Was your dinner successful? The success of a dinner determined whether your guests will return or even accept your next invite. Can you determine its success on your own? Yes. Similarly you can calculate the ROI of your event in a few easy steps. Keep a tab on your event ROI with an ROI calculator and meeting surveys.

Whether, it is hosting a successful thanksgiving dinner, or an effective meetings, if you get the above five tenets right, you can be rest assured that you will be catering to a crowded room.

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