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B2B Event marketing tips for the holiday season

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas and New Year’s is a precious month away. A large chunk of your customers are not available simply because they use this time to take a vacation or spend time with family....

/ December 12, 2017
Social Media after Event

What to do in Social Media after a great event

Congratulations on completing a great event! We’re sure all your hard work paid off, and the event was a thumping success. We’ve previously spoken about social media strategy for events. In this post, we’ll look at the best practices to...

/ April 13, 2017

Webinar: Key marketing metrics you need to focus on

Working with Event Managers has an effect on the way you think about marketing. All of our clients attend tradeshows and conferences all over the world and base the success of these campaigns on the ROI they generate. Consequently, event...

/ December 8, 2016

5 Problems with using spreadsheets for B2B meetings

We have events to make meaningful connections with other enterprises. And connections in enterprises happen with meetings – the most important part of B2B events. In our previous blog, we discussed how we track and monitor so many aspects of...

/ August 23, 2016

Outbound Marketing and Inbound marketing are two faces of the B2B Sales coin

  In recent years, inbound marketing has seen a significant amount of hype and attention. A number of organizations and marketers have jumped on the inbound marketing bandwagon hoping to leverage inbound marketing while focussing less on their outbound efforts. Very...

/ July 19, 2016

Optimizing the sales pipeline to enhance B2B sales performance

  Sales teams often face stumbling blocks on a day-to-day basis. Deals that were close to being sealed are suddenly called off, leads do not get converted fast enough and the sales pipeline starts to  look meek. For this reason,...

/ July 12, 2016

How GenZ is redefining the rules of B2B event marketing

    Generation Z is a formidable population that comprises of nearly 25.9% of the US population. By definition, they are those who were born from the mid 90’s to the early 2000’s. Raised in the decade that saw the advent...

/ June 30, 2016

What The Event Industry Can Learn From The Rise Of Google

  Most Event Marketers live and die by their marketing budgets.They are mostly under tremendous pressure to prove the effectiveness of every little activity that they spend the budget on. Every expense – booth, floor space, internet connection, meeting room...

/ March 29, 2016

5 Brands That Have Aced B2B Event Marketing

The emergence of digital media and online social communities has provided B2B companies  with a unique opportunity to emerge as thought leaders and generate meaningful conversations about their products. Most of these companies already have great content to publish on...

/ March 15, 2016