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Schedule Sales Meetings Sans the Snooze

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The details are in the planning. And while scheduling sales meetings, participants are at risk of slipping back into their mobile devices when the meeting fails to engage them. Here are four tips to make it more engaging.

Send meeting material before you get there

Meeting agenda and related materials such as a presentation can be sent ahead of the meeting. Meetings where participants have a context have more actionable items.

Determine the duration of your meetings

Sales meetings often snowball quickly and can go on for much longer than intended. It will help you if you put a clock to every discussion point with time for a summary for action points.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Your sales folk have spent most of their time meeting prospects at the event. Make sure you concentrate on the wins and what was achieved and not what they missed. Congratulate the team at the start on the completed goals, closed deals, and successes.

Make it visual

Get the meeting going with a visual content (video or a slide) that gets their attention. It can be the event’s goal, and the achieved target, or the pipeline revenue that was discussed at the event. It will grab their attention and keep them engaged.

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