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How sales tech can help boost event ROI

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With sales tech taking the event industry by storm, adapting to a new system can be a challenge. Here are three reasons how sales advancement platforms can maximize event ROI.

As sales professionals, we find ourselves skeptical to the idea of adapting to a new technology or system. It’s only natural, considering that it takes a significant amount of effort to adapt and specialize. On-boarding, training and optimizing sales professional to acclimate to new tech take considerable time and resources. More often than not, you might even find yourself second guessing if it’s worth it all.

Previously, sales professionals banked on event marketers to schedule B2B meetings with customers. This changed drastically in the early 2000s with the rate of media convergence intensifying. With events becoming bigger, the task of managing them becomes that much more extensive. Listed below are three defining reasons why event marketers should seriously consider using a meeting management software for events.

Business intelligence and meeting metrics

Leveraging data can be crucial to gathering prospects and generating sales qualified leads. With the advent of Big Data, the number of component variables that sales professionals have access to has skyrocketed. There are numerous tools that help present data that are key to an effective sales process.

Predictive Analytics, for example, is one such tool that can provide important metrics that prepare sales professionals weeks and even months in advance. Not only does it help identify priority tasks but creates a context to focus on meetings that project higher success rates. For organizations committed to a data-driven marketing strategy, it becomes incredibly easy to identify those areas that require attention.

During the course of an event, the mobile app can help you track real-time figures that can throw light on how customers respond to sales stimuli. Furthermore, by analyzing data based on trends, customer profiles, and behavior, sales professionals can personalize solutions based on customer requirements.

And then there was Social media

Gone are the days when social media was just a personal networking tool. It is now a two-way street with customers are readily taking to platforms to express interests, submit queries, and convey appreciation and dissatisfaction. So to professionals receptive to these stats and figures, it is an excellent sales opportunity. The quality of your response determines if the event fulfills set event ROI objectives.

At events, customers that attend the event form the buzz around your event. Social media captures aspects that resonate with the audience enabling organizations to identify and target prospects that are actively looking to make a purchase. Essentially, social media can lay the foundation for interactions that may ultimately lead to potential business opportunities.

The CRM paradigm

When we talk about business intelligence and sales advancement software, it’s impossible to ignore the CRM facet. It is a vital part of the workflow that lets you keep account of which stage customers are in the sales cycle. Integrating your workflow with a CRM software allows you to keep track of sales pipelines and understand how much potential and actual business a customer may bring in. Most sales advancement software contains a built-in element that helps manage CRM functionalities. This lets you feed in the numbers and streamline efforts to focus on customers that are most likely to bring in significant revenue.

Integrating a new sales advancement software can provide better clarity on existing sales projections by bringing in variables that were previously rendered obscure. In short, with all the meeting metrics that professionals have access to, sales advancement apps make it so much easier to calculate the event ROI and quantify the overall success of the event.

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