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Our Enhanced Inbound Request Page is now accessibility compliant

by Neha Mallik
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At Jifflenow, we truly believe in inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. Taking this a step further, we have tried to ensure that any visitor, including specially-abled users, can derive the maximum benefit from our Inbound Request page. Jifflenow has completed a comprehensive evaluation of the page to ensure it is accessible and usable for anyone with a motor, sensory, or cognitive disability. 

Our aim is that the Inbound Request Page is easily understood and completed by a wider segment of users including specially abled users, and that it conforms with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). How to deliver optimum web accessibility for visitors with disabilities is described in WCAG, which are developed through the W3C process in cooperation with individuals and organizations around the world. Through this process, a single shared standard for web content accessibility has emerged that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally.

Jifflenow now conforms to the requirements of WCAG 2.2, the most recent and comprehensive standard. Here are some aspects of accessibility that have been taken care of as part of this upgrade:

1. Motory ability: Users who have limited to no motory ability to accurately use the mouse to point at web elements can access the web through a keyboard. All of the webpage can be navigated, traversed and interacted using keystrokes, the UI elements respond appropriately and are highlighted when accessed through keystroke.

2. Sensory ability: For some individuals, information that relies solely on sensory characteristics, such as perceptions of shape, sound, or color are not accessible. Users with limited visibility and colour blind can see, read, interpret and perform tasks with the help of accessible contrast ratios, shapes and sizes for fonts, icons, buttons, images and appropriate supporting text for images. Users with no visual ability can now use the web with help of an audio narrative, a screen reader, that helps them read, interpret and perform tasks using a keyboard. Users with limited to no hearing ability can interact with the web with proper visual cues, signifiers, messages and feedback without relying on audio.

3. Memory: Every web page has enough information to help users remember how they got here, where they are currently, where and how to go forward, this is usually achieved using breadcrumbs, task status signifiers, step indicators and labels.

4. Cognitive: Every page has been designed to simplify information, navigation and tasks to avoid cognitive load. The visuals ensure clean uncluttered view, unambiguous call to actions and clear feedback on every action.

You can now be assured that when your customers and prospects use the Inbound Request page to request a meeting or session, they will have a great experience.

If you’d like to learn more about Jifflenow’s accessibility features, please contact your CSM.


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