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Are you optimizing your meetings at MGMA 2014?

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Meetings are at the heart of successful events. While leads can be generated by a number of methods, nurture leads and prospects at events with precise meeting scheduling.

At the ongoing Medical Group Management Association, MGMA 2014, at Las Vegas, you don’t want to lose out on the important conversations with leading pharmaceutical practitioners and decision makers. It is an event that provides a platform for knowledge sharing as well as networking and business opportunities. With thousands of exhibitors, just how important are meetings at the MGMA 2014?


*Source: MGMA 2013 Annual Conference attendee survey data

How Jifflenow helps you optimize these crucial meetings
At events such as MGMA 2014, managing your meetings and manually updating your Excel spreadsheets can be nothing short of daunting. Not to mention human error creeping in.

How do you

  • Optimize your meetings
  • Automatically update meeting changes
  • Error-free meeting scheduling
  • Calculate ROI per meeting?
  • Never have a no-show

With Jifflenow!

Jifflenow helps you book rooms, keep track of all your meetings, and eliminates scheduling errors. Our B2B scheduling tools ensure that you don’t lose out on any viable business opportunity.

So, if you happen to find yourself swamped with Excel sheets then do give us a shout out. To request a demo, Click here

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