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The One Thing B2B Event Planning Needs Right Away

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Some of the largest B2B trade shows in the world are coming up: Mobile World Congress, CES, Dreamforce, Oracle Open World to name just a few. Event planning will be in different stages for these events. So it is a good time to get this conversation going.

Now, what do B2B event planners and marketers use as key success metrics for events? As per the ANA 2013 Research Report the top metrics were:

Metric used to measure ROI_Jifflenow

Note: Lead-gen comes a distant sixth. And new leads don’t help establish an immediate ROI figure.

So how can we calculate a dollar value for event returns?

Our answer: pre-scheduled B2B meetings.

B2B event attendees include your prospects, customers, partners, and analysts. Pre-scheduling meetings with them allows you to discuss business deals, joint go-to-market solutions and impact your brand identity. These can help you put a $ figure to your returns.

We already do that!

But how do you do it? Is it done in the easiest, most error-proof and effective manner? Or is it a combination of Emails, the Outlook Calendar, and a gargantuan Excel spreadsheet?
Also, were you able to measure how the meetings went? How profitable was your interaction? What was the success rate of the meetings?

There is a better way.

Our customers have great stories to tell. Ask any of them and they will tell you how they shrunk their meeting scheduling efforts by 80-90% and tracked and reported huge returns from events.

Take for example, Mobile World Congress 2014 – 11 of our customers scheduled more than 4000 meetings at MWC 2014 with 0 cases of attendee complaints, unknown agendas, or double bookings. More than 6000 people attended these B2B meetings!

Here are two interesting infographic success stories that tell you specific stories: one from a chip manufacturer at MWC 2014 and the second from a Fortune 500 healthcare company at HIMSS 2014. Click on the images to take you to the complete success stories:

              [click the image below for the complete infographic]


             [click the image below for the complete infographic]


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