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Multiple Customer Touchpoints Matter: How to Optimize the Journey at In-Person Events

by Ravi Chalaka
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In a tech-driven and highly competitive business climate, marketing and sales teams need to drive customer engagement—while offering an elevated level of convenience. Every live event is an opportunity to connect with qualified prospects and customers, but to do so effectively, it’s essential to provide multiple unique customer touchpoints.

Think about a past event or conference you hosted or took part in. Did you know where the delegates were from, their level of decision-making power, and what product or service they were interested in? Could attendees schedule meetings with your sales team, and did you offer product-specific workshops? Did you invite major decision-makers to book a dinner with your executives while they were in town?

Or, did your team give a presentation, hand out business cards, and say, “Call me?”

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With that approach, you’re likely to miss out on reeling in fish that had already bitten the hook. By offering personalized interactions and interest-specific resources, your brand becomes a person, and your service becomes a needed solution.

With digital innovation, building client relationships and maximizing every event touchpoint has never been easier.

Scheduling the Right Meetings

Creating the right type of meetings for the right audience is key. To maximize every sales opportunity, create multiple engagement types that relate to the different audience segments. These can vary from booth tours and workshops to one-on-one meetings, dinners, executive sessions, training forums, demos, PR meetings, and even offsite meetings.

When identifying the most suitable customer touchpoints, link the right internal experts and executives to the specific events and map out their availability.

With your event strategy in place, it’s time to enable outbound and inbound scheduling. A tool like Jifflenow’s eEvent scheduling software allows your sales team to instantly book meetings.

Attendees also have control over their engagement: they can request appointments directly via the web or mobile app. And to create a sense of value and anticipation, the software can automate personalized confirmation notifications for every meeting participant.

Managing Engagement Efficiently

It’s one thing to offer multiple customer touchpoints, but how do you manage different meeting types with a variety of stakeholders efficiently and effectively?

Gone are the days of long lines for manual registration, missing tickets, and conference room confusion. The attendee experience needs to be streamlined, efficient, and, most of all, enjoyable.

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Automating the meeting management process ensures that attendees get personal notifications and meeting confirmations. In addition, they’ll have access to event materials in the palm of their hand—i.e., via a mobile app.

Optimizing tech innovations for event engagement management ensures high-quality interactions between the right people. It also increases meeting manager productivity and the number of touchpoints with attendees. It’s about quality as much as quantity.

Jifflenow’s eEvent software enables organizers to manage meeting rooms, room capacity, attendance data, and internal participants’ details. You can securely share executive briefing documents and track sales team and specialist availability based on topics and mode of attendance.

Not just more customer touchpoints. More high-quality customer touchpoints.

Since the first priority is an outstanding customer experience, Jifflenow also features built-in attendee surveys and meeting notes—so you can track real-time engagement. When attendees participate in live polls, answer trivia questions, or vote on outcomes, they feed into the event buzz. They essentially drive participation among other attendees.

By implementing these innovative software features, your sales and marketing team will create meaningful touchpoints with every attendee, and be able to optimize for future events.

Tracking, Analyzing, and Reporting

Post-event is often where the real work for your sales team starts—but also where the wheels can fall off the bus. With massive customer data and queries to work through, it is not uncommon to overlook a prospect or for details to go missing.

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By employing a digital software solution, you can expedite and streamline all post-event tasks, minimizing errors and saving hours of manual work. Share relevant meeting and customer data across sales and marketing teams so that they can take post-event customer touchpoints to the next level. This builds a sense of reliability, good faith, and loyalty.

Additionally, you can view reports on event engagement data—including the number of meetings, room utilization, popular topics, and revenue. This equips your marketing team with everything they need to optimize further engagement opportunities and where to focus future events.

Optimize Customer Touchpoints and Event ROI With Innovative Tech Like Jifflenow eEvent

Events are no longer a one-size-fits-all situation. You waste valuable resources without offering personalized touchpoints for prospects and customers.

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But orchestrating multiple engagement types with hundreds of delegates at in-person events is only possible with the right automated scheduling software.

Jifflenow’s eEvent cloud-based software for scheduling meetings helps you maximize every opportunity for lead generation. It empowers your sales team to thoughtfully lead prospects on a remarkable customer journey through the sales funnel.

Post-event, Jifflenow allows you to take a comprehensive look at how those different customer touchpoints translated into event ROI. You can access on-demand events, scheduling, sales, and customer engagement reports.

Fully secure and compatible with your existing tech stack, Jifflenow facilitates a memorable end-to-end customer journey—from initial event marketing to closing the deal. With personalized customer touchpoints, you will set your business apart as an industry leader that cares.

Request a free demo today and see how you can boost revenue by increasing strategic meetings and engagement at opportune times.

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