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Managing VIP meetings and executive calendars at events

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Scheduling meetings for executives plays a crucial role when it comes to closing deals or just catching up with prospects and customers at trade shows and events. Fortune 500 and 1000 event teams who use Jifflenow share how they manage their meetings at events and tradeshows. Here’s how to make those conversations count.

3 things marketing can do to ensure meeting success

  • How the team can attract more executives

Meeting request templates should include mandatory fields such as pipeline value, opportunity and activity history, LinkedIn profiles, and expected outcomes, of prospects being met.

  • How you can optimize your executive’s time

Mark a few executives as optional. This lets the executive choose the meetings that are most important in case of schedule conflicts or double-bookings.

  • What marketing can do to make the scheduling process simple

Suggest alternate executives who can attend the meetings to ensure the meeting isn’t cancelled or not requested because of the lack of executive availability.

3 steps that Sales can take to ensure meeting success

  • What information to include while sending an executive a meeting invite

Include the following in the meeting request email to the executive: deal details listed in, opportunity value, forecasted close date, customer profile, meeting agenda and expected outcomes.

  • Identifying meeting attendees

Including appropriate Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the internal meeting invite. This will make the executive more comfortable about accepting the meeting invite.

  • How to ensure everyone is on the same page

Circulate meeting agenda to executives well in advance so they know what will be spoken about, and will be better prepared.

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