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Managing Executive Briefings Doesn’t Need to Be a Juggling Act

by Jagdish Upadhyay
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Strategic meetings and executive briefings are successful when people prepare for them. Sounds obvious and simple, doesn’t it? You want a productive briefing session? All you need to do is plan it well and make sure you get desired outcomes. And yet, according to Harvard Business Review, 71% of meetings are unproductive and inefficient. That is an alarming figure. The main culprits that impact the effectiveness of a briefing are lack of structure or agenda, poor preparation, logistics, etc.

A lot of executive briefings don’t yield results because the organizers have to spend more time in ironing out details such as syncing-up attendee calendars, arranging for logistics, making pre- and post-briefing arrangements, etc., instead of focusing on the purpose of the meeting. Briefing Managers have to shuttle between spreadsheets, calendars, and send countless emails to obtain a single meeting confirmation. Since all of this is done manually, managing customer visits can become very cumbersome. For instance, there are a plethora of meeting management apps for scheduling meetings and sharing agendas. But instead of multiple software, imagine if you could use a single Meeting Automation Platform (MAP), that will drive better results.

The truth is that there isn’t an enterprise that can do without customers, suppliers, or partner briefings. Executive briefing sessions are where some of the most important enterprise-level decision-making takes place, and every such session is an opportunity to share information that influences business decisions.

Without an automated solution, the process of scheduling briefing visits can turn out to be tedious, adding hours or even days to employee timesheets. Not only is this poor service for your customers and partners but it also affects your organization’s productivity.

MAPs simplify, streamline and digitize all possible business functions. In addition to automated scheduling, MAPs also provide meeting analytics and digitized meeting data. Jifflenow Briefing Centers, a MAP solution by Jifflenow even helps briefing organizers create agendas, manage work groups, and gain crucial meeting insights through comprehensive dashboards.

Why are meeting analytics so important even for executive briefings with prospects and partners? Executive briefings have a highly specialized audience, and arming teams with insightful data can help validate and attribute ROI.

MAPs are increasingly being adopted by several organizations to manage strategic B2B meetings at events, briefing centers, and for executive engagements. They simplify challenges faced by Briefing Managers, Sales teams, Executives and Subject Matter Experts.

Jifflenow Briefing Center Software is a cloud-based platform that enables efficient planning of briefing programs, automates workflows, and offers the ability to analyze and report information about influenced revenue and returns.

Jifflenow’s mission is to help its customers accelerate business growth by increasing the number and the quality of strategic engagements across events, trade shows and briefing centers. Click here to learn more.

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