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Make your meetings fail proof with these 4 tips

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Your most important industry event is coming up and you’re all geared up for it. Meeting requests have been sent out and you already have a figure in your mind on potential bookings. However, being in the events space, we know that there is many a slip between the expected and the actual. So, we have compiled a few crucial pointers regarding meetings that will help you make your meetings fail proof.

Have your agenda in place, and distribute it

We can’t stress enough on the importance of an agenda. And it isn’t important to just have an agenda, but also share it with everyone attending. It will help get everyone on the same page, and help save on time you would otherwise spend on prefacing. Send agenda’s at least 3-4 days in advance, so that attendees will have it before they travel.

Have a goal in mind

This isn’t to be confused for the agenda. The goal is to set context to what you want to achieve from the meeting. A Hubspot study revealed that more than 67% of meetings turn out unproductive because there isn’t a set goal. Would you like to close a deal, initiate one, or explore an opportunity for partnership – decide on the goal and steer your meeting toward it.

Let your internal stakeholders in on your plans

Meetings at events involve executives to be part of them. Many times there are more than a couple of internal stakeholders. Focus on communication at this time. You need to ensure that before your stakeholders attend the meeting, they know all about whom they are meeting, why it is important to meet them, and what you hope to achieve from the meeting.

Pick the type of meeting you’re hosting carefully

Depending on who the prospect is and the meeting objective, you can choose the meeting type best suited for you. Read more about the 9 meeting types you can host at an event.


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