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Life of an Event Planner – Explained in 20 Doodles!

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Event planning continues to be one of the most stressful jobs in the U.S. Yet, whenever you meet Event Planners, they will tell you that they love their job!

What is it that makes the life of an event planner stressful and thrilling at the same time? For an outsider, it may seem alluring and elegant, just like the events they organize. But the truth is, event planners have a tough life. Juggling between tasks, running around to make sure the event venue is set up, and coordinating with vendors – there is so much that should fall into place for an event to be successful. And after all this, they are often under-appreciated for all their hard work!

This makes us wonder: what is it that keeps them going? Maybe it’s the uncertainties involved, the thrill of devising unique experiences, the passion to connect people, and the joy of giving them an amazing experience. We have to admit it – we are in awe of Event Planners and the many hats they wear!

We tried to capture their spirit on post-it notes, and we’re now bringing them to you. Presenting ‘The Event Marketing Doodles’ – the joys and sorrows of being an event planner – through the eyes of Parth Mukherjee, Head of Marketing at Jifflenow, and created by our rockstar Designer Gopinadh Babu.

Hope you like the doodles. Do share it with your friends and colleagues if you do!