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My experience at Event Tech 2016

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As a part of our marketing campaigns, we exhibit our products in 5 to 10 events every year. This time, Aaron Karpaty and I  arrived at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada for Event Tech 2016. Coming from the B2B sector, we were quite excited about attending events like this one. Set on the famous Las Vegas strip, this hotel was the perfect setting for an event of such a scale.

The theme

Event Tech 2016 was centered around the sole purpose of enhancing the event and conference experience by harnessing the power of social media and event technology.  We had a chance to attend quite a few workshops and sessions on the event industry’s latest trends and best practices. From holography, wireless beacons, to VR – we experienced it all. Because who wouldn’t like to try out some of the best gear and technology that the industry has to offer, right?

Exhibiting Jifflenow

A number of Jifflenow’s clients are Fortune 1000 companies. So a few of the attendees were familiar faces. We were given a 100 square foot space to set up our booth and had a chance to interact with the best minds in the industry.

Aaron’s speed-briefing sessions

Aaron also got up on stage for two back-to-back speed-briefing sessions on “Building and measuring a sales pipeline from events.” In the session, he highlighted the importance of the sales pipeline and how to increase the efficiency of sales teams attending conferences and tradeshows. The sessions were well received and were attended by a crowd of about 75 delegates. A lot of what he spoke about seemed to resonate with the challenges that they faced on a daily basis as many of them took notes and ask pertinent questions.

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We were thoroughly impressed with the technologies and trends that were discussed during the three-day event. The event not only gave us a peek into the direction that the event industry is taking but also helped us understand the intricacies of the challenges that event marketers and sales teams face at conferences. It has undoubtedly been a very eventful experience for both of us and we can’t wait to see how event technology influences the B2B event industry in the upcoming years.

Parth Mukherjee currently heads Marketing at Jifflenow. He has considerable experience in the technology marketing space for products, as well as services.  

For more insights on Event technology and B2B sales, visit the Jifflenow blog.

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