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Inside the mind of a B2B event attendee

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A successful event is created right at the planning stage. Planning becomes easier and effective when you know what your attendee is thinking, and what they expect from your event. We explore the mindset of event attendee, because the more you know about them, the better you can tailor experiences for them.

So here’s a sneak peek into their brains – what they’re thinking, what they feel and the kind of  headspace they are in.

They love to network

Sure, they love the food, the shiny booths and the pen drives shaped like your company’s logo, but they also want to meet new people! They’re always up for the opportunity to grow their network (to grow their LinkedIn connection count, at the very least.)

So they would remember your event better if they knew that your event facilitated these connections – think of large spaces near the food/coffee counters – so that they can grab and quick bite and catch up. These informal, unorchestrated meetings make for more honest and memorable connections.

Apart from space, the other aspect of forming connections is time. Having some buffer time between tracks and sessions gives them the opportunity to say hi and introduce themselves. We’re sure you have time allocated for networking, but informal meetings take the pressure off.

They crave meaningful stimulation

Events by nature are high-stimulation spaces, but this means sensory overload is all too probable. They might get burnt out pretty fast, so pacing is very important. Start with the communication at the event. Avoid information overload by keeping all communication concise and to the point. Maybe inflect a little humor and wit to keep it engaging.

This also applies to event speakers. Keep sessions as short as the message warrants. Event attendees are exposed to a lot of new information, so highlighting the takeaways from each session helps them makes sense of what they’ve learned over the course of your event.

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They are very, very tech-savvy

It wouldn’t be outlandish to assume that every single one of your attendee has a smartphone, and they keep glancing at it to put everything they are experiencing at your event into context. They’ve been exposed to a lot of technology over the past decade, and they seek novelty, and are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

Since they are so receptive to technology, it is your friend is controlling your attendees’ event experience. It’s been awhile since things like VR, Drones, IoT and Robots have been buzzwords. Now our challenge is how we leverage them, and use them to present novel ways of experiencing your company’s products and services.

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Events might be stressful

Events can be stressful for new attendees.That’s probably because they are on new terrain. Think about it – large open spaces with hundreds, maybe thousands of unfamiliar faces. All of them probably feel like the new kid at school – not sure about where to go, or what to do.

So let’s make it easy for them and remove their anxieties. Make sure each attendee knows what to expect, with your pre-event communication clearly outlining the schedule, a floor plan and information about reaching the venue. The event venue is your home – it has to be made as welcoming as possible for a first-time guest.

They’re hungry

They are hungry for knowledge, hungry for contacts, hungry for meetings. That’s why they are here. And since they walk vast swathes of spaces, and are on their feet the whole time, they’re hungry for food too. So satiating each of these types of hunger is definitely part of creating a memorable event experience. Each event is a different animal, and each attendee is hungry for a different thing.


In your planning phase, make sure there’s something for each type of attendee that you expect to come, and leave crumbs in the right places so that they know where to find it.

For more insights on B2B events and meeting management, visit the Jifflenow blog.

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