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[Infographic] Impactful Customer Meetings at Events with Meeting Automation Platforms

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Most enterprises invest heavily in B2B events due to its impact on accelerating their business. Strategic customer and prospect meetings at these events are one of the main drivers of sales pipeline and influence revenue. However, most of these meetings are scheduled and managed using legacy tools such as spreadsheets and emails which hinders its productivity.

Enter the realm of Meeting Automation Platforms(MAP), an intuitive SaaS platform that automates workflows associated with all aspects of customer meeting management right from pre-meeting scheduling, to in-meeting management, to post-meeting analysis.

This infographic below provides an illustrative glimpse into the multitude of features and benefits that a comprehensive MAP such as Jifflenow provides.

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Drive more meetings at B2B events with Meeting Automation Platforms

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A comprehensive MAP such as Jifflenow increases not only the quality of these engagements at events but also the quantity. Jifflenow also offers integrations with sales and marketing software such as CRM, marketing automation, event registration, and badge scanners while being GDPR compliant. The benefits are numerous.

To upgrade your meeting game at events and accelerate your business, schedule a demo with our experts today.

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