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How to use a meeting management software for successful product demos at events

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Having a great product that meets your customers’ needs by resolving their pain points is a good start. But your prospects need to see the product in action to be able to commit to it. 71% of customers base their buying decision on how much they trust the sales representative. A product demo is a great way to establish that trust and rapport.

Events are great places to demonstrate your product’s value to your prospect. They’re out of their offices, and have their guard down, which makes them more receptive to your product’s benefits. A successful product demo starts with getting the right people into a room with you. This is where a meeting management software comes in. Here’s how it can help.

Pre-Scheduled demos for better sales outcomes

Your prospects need to be in the right frame of mind to even consider the need for your product. When you schedule time at the event for your demo, they mentally demarcate that time to devote their full attention to you, and will be much more open to considering the product’s benefits.

If we were to contrast this with a walk-in to your booth, they might be in a hurry, or have something else in their mind and will be preoccupied. This means that even your best efforts at painting a picture of the problems that your product solves might just not click. It’s going to be a waste of time for all parties involved.

Getting the right people in the room

The presence of a CxO/VP level employee will push the deal along the pipeline much faster. But the flipside is that getting their time is not an easy task, since they are so busy and that their time is so valuable.

If the presence of an internal SME or an external executive-level attendee can move the sales deal faster or increase the deal size (by the virtue of having better decision-making authority or having deep product expertise), it makes sense to hold off on the demo to ensure the right people are there.

A meeting management software can help you check the availability of all your attendees, and available meeting rooms (or product demo stations). This removes the complexities and the uncertainty about availabilities, helping you focus completely on nailing the product demo.

Don’t demo the product, demo the problem

Instead of running through the list of features, you’d want to start your presentation with the problem that your product is going to solve for your customer. You can aid this approach by looking at your lead information. All the lead information that you have used to get your prospect to see your demo, can be used to build a case for your product. You can mine your lead information to match your product’s value proposition. Details such as the size of the company, their field of expertise, or whatever is relevant to your product, can be worked into your product demo to appeal to their biggest pain points.

Each B2B client is going to be different, and you will need a different approach for each of them. You can include these customized notes in your meeting agenda, which would only be visible to you. This is where a meeting management software comes in. A fully developed solution will offer you the option of including these insights about your prospect in your briefing document, visible only to your internal attendees.

The utility of a meeting management software

A meeting management software reduces a lot of complexities, and simplifies the process of getting to a sales closure. Meeting management softwares are not limited to just scheduling meetings for product demos. They can do a lot more, but product demos are an important touchpoint in the sales process, and it can be aided greatly by being structured with a meetings management software.