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How to Make your Event Management Company Stand Out in a Crowd

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Event management is a $58.8 Billion industry, with companies allocating ~13% of the budgets to events. All industries have adopted advents in tech to make their processes more efficient, and the the event planning industry has also followed suit. The applications of innovations in tech for event management are diverse, and one of the most impactful developments from the list is event management software. Event technology helps exhibiting companies organize and deploy their resources efficiently to meet their business goals. These applications have made collaboration and communication between teams quite effective, which were always a cumbersome process in event management.

What is the difference between a good and an outstanding experience?

A great event experience is increasingly being associated with using technology in innovative ways to wow attendees and optimize business processes. Using robots as attendants on booths, bartenders and servers creates a buzz around your event and attract increased footfalls. If you are planning a business event, provide network access to attendees by creating geo-fencing at the event venue. An attendee who enters the marked area with a smartphone, tablet or laptop can be offered to access the network at the venue. This would solve a number of issues that they might face if they use the mobile network.

Drones are all the rage these days, and using them can be an interesting way of adding a little fun to the event by using it for aerial photography and capturing videos at the event. These videos when shared on social media can create additional buzz to improve footfall.

The usage of the latest innovation in tech can go a long way in helping your agency stand out in a crowd of umpteen number of event planning companies. Learn other ways of using tech in the event management industry from the industry leaders at MaxiMillion.