Reach a wider network of customers and get them to meet you at events with these simple steps.

Create a landing page that anyone can access to request meetings
When you plan a B2B event, you identify your target audience and send out meeting invites to them. You also create prospect profiles to keep a track of your meeting requests.

Use a tool that will direct your customers to a landing page that will help them request meetings directly with executives and sales folk.

Make the right list of executives available at the event
Your prospects can choose who they want to meet from your company while filling out an online form. Their names and profiles should be available on the landing page form. Customers are given a choice of time slots that they choose to meet with sales folk and executives.

Spread the word using marketing communication channels
Send emails to potential attendees (in same city / industry) with the link included. Email best practices suggest retaining only one Call-to-Action button that will direct clicks to the landing page to request the meeting.

Leverage your social platforms
Add links to all event tweets and other social media shares to reach a wider spectrum of prospects. Use the event hashtag to reach audiences attending / interested in the event. This will increase chances of discovery and meeting requests received will be more contextual.

Track all inbound meetings
Create a way to manage (attendee calendars, rooms) and track these meetings. Create meeting reports soon after the event. This will help in understanding what worked for the event and what didn’t.

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Scheduling meetings at B2B events made quick and simple

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