Generation Z is a formidable population that comprises of nearly 25.9% of the US population. By definition, they are those who were born from the mid 90’s to the early 2000’s. Raised in the decade that saw the advent of the internet economy, this generation has seen constant churn in the technology era and has come to accept that constant innovation and high expectations are a standard in the world we live.

Research has shown that Generation Z will also have a powerful influence on the immediate future of consumer behavior and they deserve our attention. Considering the huge budgets that companies keep aside for events, it’s important to understand five traits of Gen Z that will help redefine your B2B event marketing strategy and yield more substantial results.

Gen Z is more cautious

Gen Z’s came into an age that has been dominated by the rise of technology, wars, terrorism and recessions all of which have resulted in them being increasingly risk averse and socially responsible about the choices that they make. What this means for B2B marketers is that at events, marketing needs to be genuine. Businesses need to articulate how their offerings are the best in the market and why the brand can be trusted. Gen Z will trust marketers who respect their intelligence and allow them to be an active part of the buying process.

Gen Z has a higher regard for privacy

When you look at what percentage of people use the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc. you will notice that most of them comprise of the previous two generations the Gen X and Gen Y. So where are the Gen Z’s more likely to be? They use more private platforms like SnapChat or Whatsapp to communicate to their peers. This makes it harder to find channels to use to target them. What are the implications of this from a B2B marketing perspective? As event marketers, you need to stop thinking of targeting separate channels and begin converging all the channels as a one-stop platform to build an integrated cohesive story that could come alive at events.

Greater regard for peers over big businesses

Back in the day, consumers had to take whatever advertisers or marketers said about their products at face value and consider themselves lucky if they were to get any opinions from friends or peers. Those days are long gone. Today, Gen Z  do their research and come prepared, they know exactly what they want and how it fits into their need. Businesses could easily spend billions on advertising and barely scratch the mindshare of this audience. Marketers need to focus less on the experiences and build trust around relevance. Gen Z-ers need to be offered insights or information that they can easily find on their own which will automatically lead them to the brand.

They prefer instant experiences over long term rewards

Generation Y-ers remember a time where they would need to spend hours or days to get an answer or wait for their product. For Gen Z, they know what they precisely want and when; and the when is “Now!” What does this mean for B2B event marketers? Marketers need to give Gen Z’s an experience that is special and unforgettable which will result in the tendency to share their experiences within their networks and help you penetrate this audience.

They have a lower attention span

The Gen Z has grown up in a world where there are numerous distractions, this means that the Gen Z has an even lower attention span and it is harder to keep them engaged. However, the ploy is to give them something in return for their attention. For instance run campaigns that are playful yet engaging and grab their attention or create striking visuals and compelling videos that get their attention in the first few seconds.

These are but few ways for B2B event marketers to target Gen Z. It is definitely going to be an arduous journey to completely understand this generation. Taking into account all these steps, the rewards will no doubt be worth the effort.

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