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Your Excel scheduling days are extinct: Now what?

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Excel sheets and meeting scheduling have been synonymous with each other – but no more. The days for scheduling meetings and updating changes painstakingly on myriad Excel sheets are close to an end, and extinct for Jifflenow customers. Here are some things you can do if you were not on your Excel sheets.

Plan Like A Pro
When you reduce your scheduling efforts by almost 90% you are left with time that you can use for more planning efforts.

Calculate Meeting ROI
A few clicks – is what it takes to realize the ROI from an event. With the Jifflenow ROI Calculator, you just need to fill in a few cells to get the meeting ROI at the event.

Schedule Like A Superhero
Instead of spending most of your time updating tens of Excel sheet and trying to avoid manual scheduling errors, you can spend you time

  • Managing inbound meeting requests
  • Track executive calendars across time zones
  • Sales teams can update meeting information directly with the CRM platform
  • Schedule meetings for different types

Get Feedback For Each Meeting
Post event meeting summaries help you to

  • Create custom reports and filter meeting data
  • Use pre-built meeting schedule reports for planners, and briefing reports for attendees
  • Get real-time reports on pending and completed meetings

Go Mobile
Events get chaotic and you could access meeting data on your mobile device while you’re on the move to

  • Track and update meeting information at the event from your mobile device
  • View meeting, customer and prospect details before the meeting
  • Check-in meeting participants right from your mobile device

If you’re still struggling with the Excel sheets, we’d love to show you how Jifflenow can provide a solution to your challenge.

Click here to see a demo.

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