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Events: A Multi-Billion $ Sales Opportunity

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When field marketing managers are asked about their priorities at conferences and tradeshows, most of them rank lead generation, branding, crowd engagement, and badge scans as their top most priority. On the sidelines of these activities centered around the company’s booth, sales personnel meet customers and prospects in order to close deals, grow accounts, and maintain relationships with active accounts.

Though conferences and trade shows consume a major chunk of marketing investment,  they provide an important sales platform: another opportunity to get face-to-face with a prospect and close a long pending deal. At IBC, 2015- Amsterdam, for example, Jifflenow data suggests that over 10,000 sales meetings were organized. If we assume an average of $100K per deal, a total business pipeline of $10 Billion was probably discussed at IBC alone. Now multiply this with the number of tradeshows and events that happen across the globe every year. We’re probably talking about a multi- billion dollar opportunities.   

So what does this mean for Event Marketers and Planners?  

Event marketers need to think partly like marketers, and partly like sales. After all, the events team still set up and manage these 1:1 sales meetings that happen at conferences.

‘Thinking like sales’ implies it is important to understand criticality of meetings, learning the right ways to schedule and manage these meetings, and helping sales with post-event follow-up so that deals and action items discussed in the meetings are actually being acted on.

Visit to see how Lucy, an event marketer, transformed the way she manages 1:1 meetings at events and eventually became an event superhero.


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