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An Event Marketer’s Checklist For Successful Sales Meetings

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Event marketing is all about donning a thousand hats. Multi-tasking is an event marketer’s biggest asset. From setting up meetings on calendars of multiple internal and external teams, to coordinating with the venue, managing cancellations and reports, an event marketer’s list of responsibilities is endless. What becomes most important in such situations is prioritising ruthlessly. Having a last minute check-list can be very useful to ensure that top priorities are covered.

Here are top 10 pointers that should feature on every event marketer’s check-list :

1) Advance planning :
Planning a meeting well in advance increases the probability of attendance multifold, even for busiest of C-level executives

2) Agenda setting :
Meeting time is limited during big events. Sending across the agenda and background materials saves the extra 10 minutes needed to introduce the topic

3) Finalizing the venue :
During peak event seasons, venues get booked way in advance. Finding the right location to suit the mood of the event and clients is as important as the event itself

4) Easy check-ins :
Hassle-free check in process makes the experience delightful  for attendees and sales executives, who can then focus on furthering sales cycles and closing deals

5) Mapping right executives to meetings :
An event marketer should be able to match the right executives for each meeting to make the most out of it. Knowing the teams and their roles well serves as a bonus here

6) Feedback collection :
The key to making meetings better each time is collecting feedback using the right parameters. Open ended feedback hardly serves the purpose. Feedback forms should have direct questions that can extract implementable suggestions

7) Automatic reminders :
Setting up automatic reminders one day to few hours in advance sends the meeting on the top of executives calendars

8) De-stress and smile :
Events can take a toll on the marketer. Planning with a relaxed mind always keeps things on track as compared to stressed out execution done last minute

There’s no magic recipe for successful event marketing. However, following these simple tips can save a lot of time and reap better ROI. So pick your check-list, take a deep breath, smile and rock your events !

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