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Is Your Event Canceled Due To Coronavirus?

by Ravi Chalaka
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Your Customer Meetings Do Not Have To Be. Keep Your Business Going with Virtual Meetings.

The whole world is reeling from the impact of Covid-19 and among other activities, trade shows, conferences, roadshows, and summits are being canceled as a precaution. Large and even smaller events are not immune (no pun intended) to this and no one can predict when this situation will recover. Some of the notable large events that were canceled this quarter include MWC, HiMSS, and Adobe Summit. More are being announced every day. These cancelations hurt businesses because they have a direct impact on advancing sales pipeline that drives revenue, while marketers and sales have to meet their KPIs and quotas.

Conferences are critical to organizations because they engage a well-targeted audience focused by industry, technology or specific areas of high interest. They offer an excellent channel for exchanging ideas, new trends, products, and services. The amount invested by companies on events shows its impact and importance to the business. Keynotes, demos, sessions, tours, and meetings with prospects, press, analysts, and partners are among the most critical activities that drive events. In-person engagements provide the highest level of credibility and impact, however, if not possible because of event cancelation, the right alternative cannot be to do nothing. 

So what do you do besides sending out cancelation notices to your stakeholders? What are some of the alternative strategies to in-person events? 

Virtual Events

The best alternative is to convert the event to a virtual event. This facilitates access to information about products and services as well as interactions with experts and executives. Many large companies are moving key sessions, keynotes, and some portions of their agenda to online streaming.

Virtual Meetings

If your enterprise had already scheduled meetings with customers, just sending a notice of cancelation is not ideal. Instead, reschedule the meeting to a virtual one. Your customers still have the time and the need to meet. Let them know that the meeting can be rescheduled to a virtual online meeting with the same experts and executives they hoped to meet. You need to find ways to keep the business performing and meet your KPIs.

Jifflenow Virtual Meetings

With many of our customers in this tough situation, the Jifflenow team went to work to help its customers from this bad predicament. We found that event attendees still wanted to meet vendors one way or the other because they have to make business decisions about products and services. For HiMSS, the Healthcare Information Management Systems Show in March 2020, healthcare providers wanted solutions to seek out a technology that will help them during a global healthcare crisis. MWC’s would-be attendees still want solutions that can handle the increased demand for mobile and telecommunications networks.

Jifflenow is the world’s leading Meeting Automation Platform and among other things, it is uniquely able to convert events to virtual ones and enable you to automatically send notifications to meeting requesters to (re)schedule in-person meetings into virtual ones. With Jifflenow, it is also easy to replace the meeting room with an online meeting link. Customers can also book new virtual meetings and automatically send notifications to attendees with all the information needed to get the right participants. The benefits are endless.

If you are interested in more information about Jifflenow, schedule a demo of Jifflenow meeting automation and virtual meetings.

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