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[Ebook] The EventProfs’ Guide to Trade Show Metrics

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At events and trade shows, sales and marketing teams are constantly working against the clock to bring in as much business as possible. But how do they know if they are any closer to reaching their objectives?

The obvious answer is: by measuring metrics. But event professionals are often unsure about what metrics to track and what those numbers mean. Measuring metrics isn’t good enough, it is recognizing and tracking the ‘right metrics’ that matters.

Right metrics are those that give event professionals a clear picture of how successful their efforts are on the exhibitor’s floor. When used correctly, they provide a broader view of performance and can be used to derive crucial, contextual, and actionable insights that can enhance the event experience as a whole.

This eBook elaborates on the importance of a metric-driven approach to events and lists down vital metrics that all Eventprofs should be tracking to be successful at events.

What you will learn:

  • Advantages of the metric-centric approach
  • The key differences between soft and hard metrics
  • Implementing a metric-driven process
  • A clear break-down of funnel metrics
  • A list of crucial metrics that need to be kept track of
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