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How to deal with your worst meeting management nightmares

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Here’s a list of meeting management issues we’ve all dealt with. Perhaps the reason why they’ve become a nightmare is because you might be missing the best practices below.

Not enough meeting space

What if your meeting management solution does not allow you to book, organize and get a comprehensive view of meeting room slots, and the duration of each meeting during the course of the event?

Solution: You need a meeting management solution that gives you visibility into executives, meeting slots, rooms and meeting duration. You should also get visibility on confirmed participants and be able to send reminders to those who haven’t accepted invites.

Being confronted by the dreaded no-shows 

The bigger the event or the tradeshow, the earlier it is when meetings are put together. The schedules are maintained on Excel sheets. Changes are made to, and accessed by all the event planners – allowing for manual errors for creeping in. These errors can lead to no shows and double bookings.

Solution: Automating your meeting scheduling processes, and auto-updating as and when changes are made to the meeting schedules will eliminate need for errors to creep in.

Meeting spaces too far apart, resulting in missed meetings

At events, there are meeting rooms at the convention space and in adjoining areas. Sometimes executives are booked for back-to-back meetings. However the meeting spaces are far apart and result in a few meetings being missed.

Solution: You need a meeting management solution that intimates you on each executive schedule and rooms where they are booked in to determine how much time will be required to get from one room to another.

Slow Internet support 

This is where bandwidth really gets tested. With exhibitors, attendees and other event personnel accessing the Web all the time event teams find it difficult to be connected all the time and receive real-time updates.

Solution: A managed meeting scheduling solution that doesn’t require you to toggle between too many windows and can have certain features that can be accessed offline.

Fielding vague attendee questions

This includes the common phenomena of attendees coming up to booths and requesting when they have their meetings and with whom. Typically this would involve going through reams of Excel sheets to get the information, resulting in loss of time and energy.

Solution: Address this challenge with a managed meeting solution, which gives you a dashboard to access the information.

Dealing with the unexpected walk-ins

Scheduling meetings and tours for walk-ins is usually challenging at events. Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly schedule both tours and meetings with your walk-ins?

Solution: Your managed meeting solution should let you schedule time slots for taking your prospects for a tour of your booth as soon as they request meetings.

When meetings don’t start and end on time

Not having meetings run on schedule and having them spill over is a familiar nightmare for event and meeting managers.

Solution: It is better to start early, than end late. Push longer meetings to the end of the day, to maximize time.

To never encounter these nightmares again at events, see how Jifflenow can help you better manage your meetings.

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