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Corporate Event Planning 101: The day of the event

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In our previous blog posts, we covered some fundamentals of planning the perfect event experience. We recommend you give these a read before going ahead with this blog post:


The day is finally here. The stage is set and all the efforts you’ve taken to creating the event are taking shape. If there is anything left to get done before the event kicks off, now is the time to get them done. Once everything is in place, let’s look at how to go about getting the show on the road.


Gather your team for the final briefing. Let them know the shift and station they are manning. Meet everyone from the vendors to receptionists to technicians. Give them teammates a pep talk. Motivate them and tell them what they can look forward to. This is crucial to getting their energy levels high throughout the duration of the event. Briefing also poses an opportunity to give them instructions and update them on any changes.

Last minute checks

Take a walk through of the venue and ensure everything is in place. Make sure your stations are equipped with everything they will need. Ensure the reception is sufficiently manned and has the list of attendees. Make sure your kiosk has the map of the venue so that attendees can be directed and assisted whenever necessary. Make sure you gather contact information from every vendor representative so that you know who to contact in case of an emergency.

Meet with press personnel

Just before your event starts, make sure you gather press personnel. If you have a press kit ready, hand them over to the press representatives and ensure they are taken care of. Run them through the proceedings and if time permits, take them around the venue and give them a glimpse of what is to come. Once you are done with the interaction, introduce them to your press coordinator and give them their identification badges. The press coordinator will then take them to their designated area.

Monitor Social media

In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of keeping events as interactive as possible. Social media activity plays an important role in pushing the event forward and into the public eye. The more the activity, the more the reach. For this reason, it is important that you assign personnel to monitor every aspect of social media. They will need to keep a tab on the number of tweets, retweets, comments, shares. They will also need to make sure that the hashtag of your event is displayed in a prominent place so that attendees can view and use it whenever they are posting something.


Your event must be well underway by now. Double check on the planned timeline and constantly check in with partners and vendors. Ensure everything is going according to plan and schedule. Ensure that everyone is communicating sufficiently. If any of your teammates require assistance or has a concern, make sure you provide them the means to get it resolved. Everyone will need to take a break sometime, but make sure that breaks are given on a rotational basis. Also, make sure that those going on breaks have someone to cover their spot while they are away.


With so much happening at your event, it is easy to forget to have as much fun as possible. Your efforts have finally paid off and you should feel proud of everything you have accomplished. However, the battle is far from over. In the final part of this blog series, we show you how to create an efficient follow-up to the event.

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