Decking up your booth with trimmings and vital information is all well and good, but success at B2B events depend on how many relevant leads you can gather, and that hinges on the discoverability of your booth. So choosing the location of your booth is something that you would have to agonize over for a long time.

In this blog post, we simplify what you should look at the snap up the best booth space that is available.

Close to the entrance, but not too close.

Having your booth near the entrance makes sure that there’ll always be a crowd around your booth. But have it too close, and you’ll be caught with traffic that’s either just on their way in (“Looks interesting, I’ll check it out as soon as I see the other booths”) or already on their way out.  Also, all that crowd would make it harder for people who are actually interested in your product or service to stand and talk to you or to even peruse your content.

Having it close to the entrance gives your booth a lot of visibility, and the right amount of distance will help you manage crowds and make it easier for potential customers to engage with your booth.  Corners and intersections are also great places for high-volume footfalls.

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Watch your distance with your competitors.

If the service or product that you are offering is similar to your competitor’s, it makes sense to put some daylight between your booths. This way, other booths offering different services will act as a palate cleanser for your prospects, so that they can engage with you with a fresh mind and perspective.

However, if you are confident that your service will blow competitors out of the water, set up right next to them by all means. This makes the difference more stark in the minds of your prospects, and might just make the decision making a lot easier for them.

Right or Left? The psychological debate:

Based on a study on supermarket footfall, entrances at the right favor counter-clockwise movement and the left favors clockwise. This is reversed in countries with left-side driving. If the entrance is in the middle they will usually take the direction opposite to the driving side. So consider the entrance, and place your stall right in the line of sight of your attendees. This is not a hard rule, but more of a guideline to choosing an optimal space. Keep in mind the country the event is being hosted in, and the nationality of the attendees.

Listen to yourself – or others

Choosing the right booth is more art than science. So take a trip down memory lane, and try to remember what worked the last time. Or better, remember what didn’t work the previous time, and use that in your decision-making. If you’re new to this game, talk to the veterans and see what they have to say. Try talking to event veterans who operate in your specific niche, as they’ll have a better idea about where attendees like to spend their time at events.


Even a detail such as positioning your booth at the event can have positive effects on how your product is perceived. We hope we made the process of choosing the right location for your booth a lot simpler.

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