The last couple of years were marked by the advent of smart event technologies that have redefined the way B2B events are managed.  The surge in new event technology has been so steep that you are probably inundated with an app for almost everything. The temptation to make the most of these apps can cause technology overload and divert you from selecting the most relevant and useful one for your business. In this blog, we will explore the 10 primary considerations that can help you zero down on the best B2B event technology solution for your industry events.

 1. Base it on goals

Define your goals first. Are you looking at building brand awareness or generating a stronger sales pipeline? Based on this, you can pick and choose the features that will help you navigate towards that goal. If you are looking at lead generation and higher ROI on your event spend, then event management apps with in-depth analytics will be most helpful. For brand building, look for apps that have seamless social media integration and can push your brand stories for public engagement.

2.  Seamless integrations

Finding a solution may not be a tough job, but to ensure that it integrates seamlessly with the existing system is the real challenge. Since integrations involve huge data export and import, a solution that gels well with the systems can be used without much burden on the IT support team.

3. Robust reporting

The right event technology must be able to provide you with smart data and reports to gain insights from your event. After all, the idea of adopting technology is to make operations more efficient using learnings from the past.

4. Smart alerting systems

The event management system should have a smart alerts that send emails and notifications to attendees. The most popular meeting scheduling platforms even allow attendees to reschedule, update and cancel meetings well in advance, ensuring less hassle on the day of the event.

5. Mobile responsiveness

The world is turning to mobile technology faster than ever before. Event technologies also need to be mobile responsive in order to enable event marketers in managing their meetings on the go. This way, the attendees and organisers can make changes, schedule new meetings, RSVP or cancel meetings on the go using their mobile.

6. Stability of the product

When choosing a software vendor, it is very important to find out the number of years it has been operational, who its customers are, its total number of employees, its annual revenue, and the response time of its customer support managers, because these are strong indicators of the company’s stability.

7. Meritorious track record

Choosing a start-up may not always be one’s first choice, but a budding solution provider with a meritorious track record should never be stroked off the list. Doing a peer analysis can help in identifying what your peer companies are opting for, making it easy for you to arrive at a conclusion. Look for case studies, customer feedback and testimonials to check the company’s credibility.

8. Scope for advancements

It’s always easy to adopt a product that is customizable to your needs. After all , companies may have different needs for different events. Solutions that provide you with some amount of flexibility with their products can help you gain an edge over competitors at events.

9. Social media add-ons

These days, branding and image management is almost impossible without a strong social media presence. Adopt an event technology that seamlessly integrates and pushes your event updates through your social channels. This way, you can save the hassle of switching between platforms for management and marketing.

10. Research and request demos

After narrowing down on the best among the list, one should conduct more research on the company website to get a broader view of the product and what it offers. Request a demo to see real time functionalities and ask for trials. Only after you have seen couple of demos, you can zero in on the best service provider for your business.

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