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4 Event Technologies That Are Making Life Easier for Event Managers

Trade shows and B2B events are thriving, with more than 92% of event marketers investing in events to further their business goals. Let’s take a quick look at the technologies that are shaping the future of events, and how exactly...

/ August 30, 2017

Is Gamification effective at Trade Shows?

Gamification is an effective method to increase engagement amongst audiences. It works by incentivizing the audience to take action that would further a company’s cause, by channeling people’s innate competitive tendencies. Gamification as a concept is not new. Credit card...

/ August 16, 2017
Meeting management through mobile at trade shows

A Guide to Mobile Meeting Management at Trade Shows

Meetings are a cornerstone of events and tradeshows, and are crucial for measuring the success of events. Meeting managers at large tradeshows with high meeting volumes have their job cut out, because they have to balance between managing meeting requests...

/ July 20, 2017
Meeting management software

How to use a meeting management software for successful product demos at events

Having a great product that meets your customers’ needs by resolving their pain points is a good start. But your prospects need to see the product in action to be able to commit to it. 71% of customers base their...

/ July 11, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence will Disrupt Attendee Experience at B2B Events

The potential economic effect of Artificial Intelligence is estimated to be $1.4-2.95 Trillion. The implications of this economic momentum would be the role it plays in revolutionizing industries. The degree of influence that AI has over events might not be...

/ July 6, 2017
Badge scanning events

Why you need a badge scanner integration at B2B events

Choosing to go for an event starts off as an expense but if executed successfully, turns out to be a smart investment that has the potential to reel in a large chunk of business. They offer companies an excellent opportunity...

/ April 13, 2017

Technologies that are shaping the future of B2B events

The B2B events industry has been steadily undergoing a transformation, especially over the past few years. We are witnessing the ways in which the event landscape is getting transformed,  for better efficiency and for stellar experiences for attendees. The technologies...

/ November 8, 2016

How a meeting scheduling software improves productivity

With technology taking center stage in the modern workplace, it has become important to stay abreast with technological trends to boost productivity. Over the last two decades, technology has drastically reshaped the way organizations work. Industry leaders need to adapt...

/ September 29, 2016