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Schedule meetings with zero meeting rooms

A Jifflenow customer scheduled 30% more meetings with zero meeting rooms and zero scheduling error at NRF 2015.

/ April 22, 2015

Moving beyond paper-based scheduling

Paper-based scheduling is at odds with executing a successful event. Here’s how we helped one of our customers discover a more efficient alternative to paper-based scheduling.

/ February 3, 2015

More meetings with fewer rooms

This is how we went about helping one of our customers to book more meetings with less number of rooms.

/ January 21, 2015

How a global Fortune 250 company scheduled error free B2B meetings

This is how our solutions helped a global 250 company to schedule meetings with zero errors.

/ January 7, 2015

Case Study: Drastic Reduction In Meeting Scheduling Efforts

Eliminating manual scheduling saves a company >90% efforts in pre-event meeting planning.

/ December 29, 2014

Benefits of Measuring Event ROI

Event ROI and direct business benefits of participating in events have been derived using a variety of methods. So how did a Jifflenow customer report 237X event ROI from HIMSS 2014? The following infographic tells a great story about how...

/ October 16, 2014
save $20,000 in B2B Meeting Planning.jpg

How to save > $20,000 in B2B Meeting Planning

Using Jifflenow saved a customer >$20K and here’s how:        

/ September 24, 2014
Booking more confirmed B2B meetings at MWC 2014

Case Study: Booking more confirmed B2B meetings at MWC 2014

Learn how a customer increased pre-scheduled B2B meetings by >50%.

/ September 19, 2014