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Blogs all event profs mustn’t miss

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The Internet can be an infinite pool of resources for event marketers. Given that event profs are pressed for time, how does one locate information that is both relevant and useful? Often times there is too much information that is either too trite, impractical or both.

To save you time and effort we, have put together a list of blogs after scouring the Web that you should add to your reading list, if you haven’t already. They are well-written, organized, and offer a host of solutions for event marketing challenges. So, let’s roll out the carpet, crank the applause and drumroll for the blogs.

Vertical Response: This blog will help you chalk out the décor for your next event. Apart from providing information about latest trends it also gives you a heads-up about the events you should be keeping track of. There’s also a breaking news section where all industry related news are listed.

Hubspot: Information and deliciously written copy – with real world solutions that have yielded results. That’s how we would like to define Hubspot blog. Their articles are easy to skim through making it easier to absorb the content. The no-fluff writing style makes them a go-to guide for rookies and seasoned professionals alike.

Event Manager: Lead by Julius Solaris this blog should be bookmarked by event profs of all hues. If you are looking to add the oomph factor to your events then the ‘inspiration’ section is highly recommended. The tips, while pushing the envelope, looks at complementing your strategy, and making your events creative.

Eventbrite Blog: Social media has evolved into a necessary tool for marketers. And, to put your finger on the throbbing pulse you need to read the blog section of the Eventbrite website. Their formulas will help create the necessary buzz for your event. And, will give you a direction as to which channels will work best for you.

PlannerWire: If it’s new event technology that is is a must have for your events, this should be on your every day reading list. PlannerWire will help you the surf the tech wave like a pro. It is a great place to learn the latest on networking and event technology.

Michael Heipel Event Marketing Blog: Michael’s blog covers everything from ticketing tools to experiential marketing. People on the look-out for new ways to capture leads during events should give his blog a read.

Velvet Chainsaw: Weaving story-telling into all forms of communication is the need of the hour. And this precisely what Velvet Chainsaw brings to you. Read interesting tips on how you can gain the extra edge. A lot has been written about event marketing but seldom have they been expressed in such a succinct manner. You shouldn’t miss articles published by Dave Lutz and the editorial team.

Here’s hoping that you will appreciate reading the blogs mentioned above as much as we do. If you think we have missed out on a few blogs let us know in the comments section.

Till then, happy reading!


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