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Why You Need the BEST Meeting Scheduling Software (For In-Person Events)

by Ravi Chalaka
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In-person corporate events are key for sales reps to build the right connections, meet high-quality prospects, and nurture promising leads. Yet often, attendees fight for industry experts’ attention while sales reps try to squeeze in multiple interactions in a limited time.

The only way to guarantee ROI for your sales reps and help them maximize their time on the floor is with a digital scheduling solution designed specifically for large events. Let’s explore how choosing a leading meeting scheduling software can maximize your event ROI like nothing else.

The Best Meeting Scheduling Software Helps You Book the Right People

Your event is a significant financial investment in getting the right prospects in the right environment to foster business relationships. Event attendees also go to great lengths to be there.

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From the first interaction, your audience should feel that you value their presence, individual preferences, and business needs. Meeting scheduling software makes it possible to connect with every potential event attendee on a personal level.

Not making these strategic connections is valuable time, money, and opportunities wasted—sometimes opportunities that don’t come around again.

A meeting scheduling software can help automate inbound meeting requests from your campaign links. When marketing and sales teams send out event emails, attendees click a link to request a meeting, making the entire process effortless for your attendees and your team.

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Attendees can also request appointments directly via a web or mobile app. Meeting scheduling software then automates confirmation notifications for every meeting participant.

Forget manually trying to match thousands of delegates to the right industry experts at the right times (while managing schedule changes and meeting room availability). The best meeting scheduling software will transform event meeting coordination and ensure productive and strategic meeting engagements.

Higher Conversion Rates During In-Person Events

In addition to saving your team time and frustration between booking, rescheduling, and canceling meetings, the best scheduling solutions also provide your team with the relevant details to maximize their interactions.

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Attendees may range from new prospects to senior executives and existing customers. The right meeting scheduling solution will link the most suitable internal experts and executives to each meeting request.

With client details at their fingertips, sales reps gain insight into each customer’s background before the meeting. This allows them to prepare and maximize every sales opportunity with the most appropriate meeting context.

Making inbound meeting requests effortlessly at every stage of the event minimizes time wasted in booth queues, and lets companies engage customers via multiple touchpoints—including demos, one-on-ones, training forums, and PR meetings.

Customers are also in charge of their schedule and more committed when they have initiated a meeting with you; this means you dedicate your time to higher quality leads, driving higher conversion rates.

Also, consider that meeting schedule software helps you increase your high-quality connections. Less than 1% of scanned badges lead to revenue, which means you need to go beyond vanity metrics. Automating inbound meeting requests at events allows external attendees to easily request meetings on-site.

Increased Visibility Through Integration With Your Business Apps

Meeting scheduling software should be a non-negotiable component of your event tech stack. The software’s integration compatibility with your existing business applications, such as your CRM, is just as important. This provides significant benefits for your sales team, marketing department, customer experience, and budget optimization.

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By integrating your marketing and sales systems, you benefit from combined data that leads to:

  • Reduced manual administrative work and errors
  • Smoother, more impactful customer experiences
  • Increased visibility across departments and management levels
  • More streamlined lead capturing and on-point lead nurturing
  • Integrated customer feedback for marketing development
  • Better marketing support for the sales team
  • Improved overall collaboration between sales and marketing departments
  • Fewer miscommunications with centrally located and accessible up-to-date information
  • A highly aligned and well-defined strategy
  • More effective budget allocation

Deeper Insights With Event Analytics

Suppose your meeting scheduling software does not provide data-based event insights and metrics. In that case, you miss out on a significant opportunity to effectively strategize future events, maximize post-event follow-ups, and fine-tune your marketing.

Event analytics offer valuable insights into customer feedback at every touchpoint. You can see which areas drive the most traction and the level of decision-makers attending the event—and gain a deeper understanding of your target audience.

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Reporting and data visibility lets you track event engagement, customer feedback, and the number of meetings booked versus the number of meetings executed. Additionally, you can track and analyze room utilization, sales leaderboards, and popular topics.

The best meeting scheduling software will display relevant insights on-demand in an easy-to-read format. With a single dashboard to improve data visibility, you can share and integrate reports easily across your tech apps.

Finally, evaluating event data post-event is crucial, as it allows you to fine-tune your event strategy through data-driven decisions. You can see if you booked too many rooms (or too few), had too many in-person employees at the event, etc.

Essentially, this allows you to generate KPIs for follow-ups and future events. It also helps you to optimize your budget for groundbreaking ROI. Without visibility, you’re spending arbitrarily on events without real direction.

Automate Your Marketing and Sales Pipeline With the Best Meeting Scheduling Software

There is no more effective way to seamlessly coordinate multiple touchpoints with hundreds of delegates other than using automated meeting scheduling software. Generic calendars and scheduling solutions are not enough.

Using an integrative application like Jifflenow’s eEvent, you can optimize in-person event meeting outcomes by giving your sales reps everything they need to be successful.

Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual processes and give your reps and organizers more time to focus on providing unforgettable attendee experiences. You’ll also gain new insights into sales activities and can effectively measure event ROI in real-time.

Empower your team to plan and execute in-person events that boost your bottom line and your business reputation—request a free demo today!

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