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Q&A with LucidLink’s VP of Marketing: “Jifflenow is not just an event tool. It helps us book revenue.”

by Lisa Ng
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Founded in 2016, LucidLink is a fast-growing cloud storage company. Its innovative system transforms the cloud into local storage for creative teams across the globe, eliminating the need to download or synchronize. LucidLink Filespaces was recognized with the NAB Product of the Year Award – Cloud Computing and Storage for 2022.

“We’re helping to transform the creative process for global creative teams who need to work remotely with access to all their assets in real-time,” says Adam Kranitz, LucidLink’s VP of Marketing. “We’re solving real problems for creative teams who are trying to create content at scale around the world.”

Kranitz, an experienced marketing executive all too familiar with the chaotic nature of in-person events and trade shows, discovered Jifflenow’s eEvent meeting scheduling solution at Amazon Web Service’s re:Invent Show prior to working at LucidLink.

Jifflenow’s simple, automated tool used to schedule meetings at events, he recalls, made the task of scheduling meetings on the hectic trade show floor a breeze.

“I always thought [Jifflenow] worked very well,” he says. “And so [LucidLink] took an evaluation of it.”

Now, LucidLink is a dedicated, satisfied Jifflenow customer. We sat down with Kranitz to discuss the ways Jifflenow’s eEvent tool has empowered LucidLink’s event marketing strategy, how alternative scheduling tools compare, and why he feels eEvent isn’t just an event tool, but a ‘revenue tool.’ 

How Jifflenow Stands Out

Jifflenow: What were you doing to schedule B2B meetings at events before using Jifflenow? Were you using any other products?
Adam Kranitz: We weren’t using any tool to schedule event meetings for the sales and marketing teams at LucidLink prior to Jifflenow. I’ve been here for about 12 months. We hadn’t sponsored many trade shows. We’re kind of a fast-growing company. So we looked at the market and said, we can’t do this with what we’re using today for our regular meeting scheduling. Now we won’t name names, but it’s a company that starts with a ‘C’ and rhymes with the calendar. And we love the tool works great. But it’s not the robustness that you would need and the flexibility that you would need for what we were trying to do.

JN: What exactly were you trying to do? 
AK: Our primary metric is, how many meetings are we having at a trade show? And what’s the potential sales pipeline impact of those meetings? An in-person event is the most expensive way to acquire a customer, but it’s also highly effective.

Why Jifflenow Isn’t Just an Event Tool

JN: How did you discover Jifflenow? 
AK: Before coming to LucidLink, I had been doing the AWS:reInvent show for many years. Amazon Web Services, as you know,  is a customer of Jifflenow, and uses it for many of their events. So I got exposed to it from the end user side, using it to schedule meetings at that show.

JN: What were some of the challenges LucidLink faced as far as your event strategy and scheduling meetings at events?
AK: In order to get a return on what we’re spending on these events and trade shows, you’ve got to be able to measure the impact. So what I find most valuable about Jifflenow is not just making scheduling a frictionless experience, but allowing us to integrate those meetings with Salesforce. We can materially see the impact of those meetings in real time within our sales pipeline and see how those meetings are impacting our ability to create opportunities. Jifflenow is not just an event tool. It helps us book revenue.

“The Most Flexible and Powerful” Tool

JN: Was there a tipping point that prompted signing on to use Jifflenow at events?
AK: We took a look at Chili Piper, another product. We tried to make Calendly work. And at the end of the day, Jifflenow is the most flexible and powerful. I’d rather spend the money on getting something that does what we need it to, rather than something that half gets you there. So I don’t think there was a specific tipping point, other than it had the features that we needed. We’re very happy with our decision.

JN: Do you use Jifflenow to manage all your events, and if you don’t, why?
AK: We’ve done two sponsored events this year, NAB and IBC. We’re also doing Adobe MAX in October, and we’ll be using Jifflenow for that. I would say for shows that we’re spending $50,000 and above, we’ll be using Jifflenow. Of course, 2022 is very much about testing the waters of in-person events again. For our 2023 strategy, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll more aggressively pursue an in-person event strategy. With that, will come an expanded usage of Jifflenow.

eEvent Empowers LucidLink’s Event Strategy

JN: How has the collaboration been between your team and the Jifflenow team? Has your team felt supported?
AK: Our experience with Jifflenow was not just trying to sell us something. There’s a really honest dialogue about how Jifflenow can make events, which is our largest investment from a marketing spend perspective, something that really works.

JN: Has using Jifflenow changed your event strategy in any significant way?
AK: I think Jifflenow empowered what we envisioned all along. We had a pretty specific idea of what we wanted to get done with NAB and IBC, which was to meet with as many people as possible in a frictionless way that created a really positive experience for that prospect or that customer. That was our vision. We needed a company that would empower that vision and enables us to get there. We’re thankful for that.

Jifflenow: “It Just Works”

JN: Have you heard any feedback from customers about using Jifflenow and how it streamlines the scheduling process for them?
AK: I think, more importantly, I haven’t heard feedback from customers because it just works. They go to our website, they sign up, we manage our inbound requests, and the meetings get scheduled. It’s super simple. Our sales team has asked for it by name because they want that power and that flexibility to make meetings a great experience.

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