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Three Reasons why your CRM needs a MAP integration

by Meghana Suresh

The buyer’s journey is a roadmap that details how customers interact with a brand, gather awareness, and build intent that leads them to a purchase decision. Tracking customers along the buyer’s journey indicates the type of nurturing they need to bring them to closure. Essentially, while opportunities are at different stages of the buyer’s journey, it becomes important to create touchpoints that push them along the sales cycle in order to record progress. 

Most large and medium enterprises use CRM software to track leads and prospects through the sales cycle. Utilizing a CRM system like Salesforce can prove invaluable in assisting tracking deals, identifying opportunities, and creating effective touchpoints. And this is precisely where a Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) comes into play. 

Meetings are the backbone of every marketing strategy. Marketing and sales professionals rely wholely on meetings to curate brand interactions, demonstrate product capabilities, and drive sales discussions. A comprehensive MAP like Jifflenow simplifies the complex pre-, in-, and post-meeting workflows. This not only guarantees more B2B meetings but ensures that every interaction fosters context-driven, laser-focused conversations that result in more revenue pipeline.

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With this in mind, let’s take a look at three ways your marketing and sales teams can benefit from the Salesforce – Jifflenow integration.

Scheduling meetings within Salesforce

Jifflenow integrates with the native Salesforce app. This allows meeting requestors to schedule meetings from the account, opportunity, and lead levels within the native Salesforce interface. Requestors do not need to log-in with different credentials and juggle between tools to schedule and track prospects and customer meetings. This functionality simplifies the scheduling of meetings within a single interface and eliminates the need to manually update each system with information. 

Improving the sales cycle and customer touchpoints

Meetings can take place across a spectrum of forums – events, trade shows, briefing centers, and roadshows. Each of these meetings presents unique opportunities for customers to learn about a company’s products and move closer to a sale. Jifflenow greatly simplifies meetings across these touchpoints. 

The Salesforce integration seamlessly enables the flow of lead and meeting information between the two systems making it easy to view meetings that have been scheduled. Crucial lead and opportunity information are communicated with internal attendees to help them prepare for meetings as well as ensure each touchpoint is optimized to engage with customers and prospects better.   

Analytics and Reporting

Meetings are a treasure trove of information. Analyzing meetings in the context of marketing and sales can tell you a lot about sales efficiency, individual efforts, and the effectiveness of channels. When isolated, the data stored in CRMs and MAPs require tremendous effort to collate and decode. This process is extremely cumbersome and error-prone. However, when integrated, these platforms work in tandem to deliver effective analysis. Through comprehensive dashboards and in-depth, customizable reports, sales and marketing teams are able to gauge performance as well as attribute the value of every meeting to the sales pipeline. 

Enterprises use various tools to manage different stages of the marketing funnel. For instance, a Marketing Automation software like Marketo may be used to automate top-of-the-funnel activities and drive awareness and a CRM may come in handy for the bottom of the funnel. This leaves a whole list of activities and interactions in the middle of the funnel that have not been optimized. A Meeting Automation Platform bridges this gap by ensuring every meeting and customer interaction is improved to drive better pipeline revenue. 
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