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Meeting Automation Platforms are Changing the Game

by Jagdish Upadhyay
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The modern-day meeting planner has their work cut out for them. The importance of face-to-face meetings has not diminished. And, yet the schedules of business executives are busier than ever. Figuring out how to schedule strategic B2B meetings during the middle of tradeshows, conferences, and business events can feel almost impossible. Especially, if you’re still trying to use spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls to make it work.

So, how are meeting planners, executive admins, and event managers supposed to keep it all straight?

Meeting Automation Platforms are here to save the day! They make it easy to manage a large volume of meetings while allowing you to gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Automate the planning process

MAPs take the manual work out of the pre-meeting tasks including the strategy, logistics, and communication. Meeting and event planners no longer have to deal with the chaos of using email and spreadsheets to schedule and manage important meetings.

MAP automates the process in real time for both internal and external participants. The platform allows you to send invites to the other parties after the important persons within your own organization have confirmed their participation. You’re easily able to see what meetings are scheduled, who they were scheduled with, and when they were scheduled all in one place. You can even automate meeting reminders.

As your company grows, the platform is able to scale with you allowing you to successfully pull off strategic meetings even with a lean staff. 

Collect the data that you need for tracking

MAPs integrate with leading sales and marketing software like Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot. This makes it easy for you to input, store, and analyze data all in one platform. You’ll actually be able to measure the ROI of each meeting and tie into your CRM system. This allows you to report real data that sales and other departments need. 

Change the way you schedule and track meetings

Using a Meeting Automation Platform allows you to change the way you plan for meetings and events. These systems have been able to reduce the manual work that goes into meeting planning by up to 80 percent. So, instead of focusing all your attention on the process, it lets you spend time on what’s really important— the meeting. 

Remember, Meetings advance Sales and drive Pipeline, and Pipeline is the leading indicator of Revenue. More Meetings = More Revenue. Don’t just stop with CRM and Marketing Automation, digitize your strategic B2B meetings and increase the number of engagements that drive your business growth.

Originally published on CMO Council Blog

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