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6 Best Apps for Events in 2019

by Admin Jifflenow
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Mobile event apps have revolutionized the events industry landscape. They have numerous benefits for event professionals and help increase attendee engagement by providing engaging information. Mobile apps not only bring experiences within the attendee’s palm in real time but can help simplify processes, improve productivity and enhance capabilities.

With that in mind, here is our pick of the seven best event management apps that will have an impact in the events industry in 2019:

Event Farm

Event Farm offers a comprehensive solution for planning and managing meetings by assimilating wearable technology and event planning software. It brings online and offline worlds together by harnessing Near-Field Communication technology (NFC).

At Event Farm, this technology is used in wristbands to enable check-ins for attendees or display personal schedules on remote tablets. The plan is to collate data through wearables that track the movements of attendees at an event. Additionally, the dashboard has graphic reports that display the number of attendees that have checked-in.


Boomset with its event management software helps to improve efficiency on-site at an event. The app helps attendees customize and automate their check-in experience on site by simply scanning their QR codes at the check-in counter. When attendees register for an event, their data is imported into Boomset. This helps the events team to access raw attendee data, target prospects, and more. The software allows attendees to keep a check on the available seats in real-time so that strategic selections on meetings can be made on the grounds of seating availability.


At present, ITN offers online registration, access control, tracking, analytics, etc. The badge printing and scanning application is one of the most comprehensive solutions in the market and pulls data from badges to enable quicker check-ins and other functionality. Coincidentally, ITN also integrates with Jifflenow to shorten the check-in process while allowing attendees to schedule meetings.


Jifflenow is the world’s number one Meeting Automation Platform that helps companies augment business growth by automating the scheduling, management, and analysis of strategic B2B meetings.

Users can create detailed agendas, specify meeting types, select appropriate participants, and block time slots. Moreover, updates in the meeting agenda can also be conveyed through in-app notifications. All of this data can be synced with the attendee’s calendar to increase the chance of meeting acceptance and participation. Users can also generate custom and on-demand reports to help event marketers attribute value to these interactions.


CrowdCompass is an effective event planning application that helps event professionals manage beacons on-site in order to communicate seamlessly with attendees. With the help of beacon technology, it gives personalized alerts based on where a person is standing. For instance, it gives notifications to attendees on location and reminders on subsequent breakout sessions. Moreover, this application has social sharing capabilities, which means that attendees can share photos and comments on social media platforms outside the application.


Monday.com is a project management tool that helps event professionals to manage work and meet deadlines. Users can create dashboards that display workflows and progress. The app lets managers message any person assigned to a task. The people involved can see all the messages pertaining to a specific task at one place, which means that conversations won’t get lost in email inboxes.

The events industry is at a boom now and event marketers are using cutting-edge event apps to derive event ROI. However, it is easy to lose track of the event apps that are changing the event industry landscape. Thus, it is important for event marketers to follow trends to achieve event success.  

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