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[Ebook] 21 Expert Tips to Increase Revenue from your Next Event

by Vasanth
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Companies are always on the lookout for ways to boost their revenues from their existing channels. Out of those channels, 64% of marketers use tradeshows and events as a source to acquire new prospects and business opportunities. The opportunity at events is ripe for the taking, with the corporate events industry directly contributing about $115 billion annually to the GDP of United States.

One issue most companies face is that there are no clear processes that they can follow to ensure the success at the events that they attend. We put this ebook together to make it easier for the event, sales, and marketing teams to have a solid process in place that makes it easier for them to:

  • Close more deals at events
  • Build a sales pipeline at events
  • Measure and increase their event ROI
  • Have more productive and successful meetings at events

This book is required reading for any executive looking to improve their bottom-line from events. Get it for free here:

How to Increase Revenue from Events

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