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The one thing corporate event planners need to focus on to grow their careers

by Vasanth
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Event Planning is a great career choice for people who like to be creatively challenged and like to be on their feet, both physically and mentally. No two days are alike in the field, and there is ample opportunity to learn new things and grow professionally. There will be stressful days, but the overall consensus is that it’s all worth it, because of the high levels of excitement and the scale of activity.

The usual method for event planners to climb up the career ladder is vying for the chance to plan an event bigger than the last. But they don’t necessarily have to have to limit themselves to that.

What if we said that the size of the event does not matter?

The only thing that matters is what the company gets out of the event. In order for the top executives to sit up and take notice of the events, event managers are beginning to quantify the value that they bring to the company.

Re-reading that last sentence would reveal what we are talking about – ROI.

More than the capability to manage events that are bigger than the last one, any company would value the actual returns from events.

But does generating bigger returns from smaller events sound counterintuitive? How can companies generate increased RoI from even smaller events?

The same way Fortune 500 companies around the world do. By scheduling meetings with prospects or customers, that builds the company’s sales pipeline.

Of all the activities that can be planned at a corporate event, the most crucial one would be the meetings. These sales meetings have the highlight the value of events to the CMO. These are the people responsible for two important things for an event planner – their career progression and the event budget.

For aspiring event planners, this would be the most important piece of advice to grow their careers – to focus on the way that they can add value to their company. For more advice, we came across this great infographic from Eventbrite about the path to becoming an event planner.

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